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A unique MASTERS Member is highlighted every week. A MASTERS Member is a member of the MASTERS League. Jeroen Derks is the operational manager of House of Caviar & Fine food. Caviar and the top segment of delicatessen and fine food are produced, imported and distributed here.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Jeroen Derks

House of Caviar & Fine Food

House of Caviar & Fine Food opened its doors in 1999 and Jeroen has been employed since 2007. He got into this company through an acquaintance. Jeroen started in the store and now – 13 years later – he has become an indispensable pawn. The core business it provides caviar to catering and wholesalers. The focus is on Europe, but the company also operates worldwide. In the flagship store at the Hilton in Amsterdam there is a beautiful caviar and champagne boutique – completely aimed at the consumer. Several other companies sell their caviar – physically in stores and online. “We work with beautiful products. All products we sell are of the highest quality. In addition to caviar, we also sell jamon iberico, king crab, saffron and sturgeon fillet. These are very beautiful, special products that you cannot buy everywhere. The work is very diverse. I visit the most beautiful places and no two days are the same,” says Jeroen.

Something new

“There was a new one last November pop-up store opened in The Hague. This new concept is in collaboration with Ruinart Champagne. Only the best caviar and Ruinart Champagne are sold here. All labels are available in all sizes and this also applies to the Ruinart Champagne. Now that the restaurants are closed, we notice that the demand for luxury food for home, such as caviar, is increasing. Better wines are being drunk and more expensive champagnes are also in demand. We are going to explore the concept of the pop-up stores roll out internationally. The first physical store in Bruges in Belgium may open this weekend. We have Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong on the schedule.”


“I have been a member of the MASTERS League since the beginning. We have also been at the fair in all previous years. I have often attended the men's lunches and I have also sailed on the Amstel. I networked a lot at the events and met a lot of people. Where we really met a lot of interesting people was at Restaurant M during the fair. I served caviar with the aperitif and I am still in touch with many of those people.”

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