Top entrepreneurs, top thinkers and young professionals came together during a substantive and challenging program, led by Toine van Peperstraten, in the Elicium at MASTERS EXPO. After a unique staredown with Rico Verhoeven, a spectacular program followed. Lessons, visions and experiences of icons as well as personal interviews were the main ingredients of MASTERS TALKS 2022. In between there was an opportunity to meet each other and enter the exhibition floor. 

Toine van Peperstraten


During MASTERS TALKS, the stage is set largely by journalism moderator Toine van Peperstraten. For nearly three decades he has been a regular face on Dutch TV. In addition to his TV work, Toine has long been heard on various radio stations. With his years of experience as a journalist and presenter, the MASTERS TALKS interviews are led by Toine in which thought-provoking statements, thought-provoking opinions and inspiring conversations pass in review.

Cor van Zadelhoff

Real estate icon

Cor van Zadelhoff is one of the Netherlands' largest real estate brokers and investor in the corporate real estate market. He bought his first property on the Brouwersgracht in 1970 and many real estate investments followed all over the world. 

Toine van Peperstraten


With decades of experience as a journalist and presenter, the interviews are led by journalistic moderator Toine van Peperstraten, with thought-provoking statements, thought-provoking opinions and inspiring conversations.

Atilay Uslu

Corendon founder

Atilay Uslu started his first shoarma store in Haarlem when he was 22 and started a travel agency a few years later. In 2000, he and business partner Yildiray Karaer founded tour operator Corendon, which grew into one of the largest companies in the travel industry.

Rico Verhoeven

Multiple world kickboxing champion and entrepreneur

Rico Verhoeven won many world titles and became the Netherlands' best kickboxer. He can also put actor and entrepreneur on his resume. On MASTERS TALKS, Verhoeven will engage in a nerve-wracking staredown with Van Peperstraten and will also feast his eyes on the audience. 

Kim Liebregts

Country Director Tesla Benelux

Since 2013, power woman Kim Liebregts has been wielding the scepter at Tesla Netherlands. A woman with ambitions and an iron will, who as Country Director of Tesla Netherlands wants to take the company to unprecedented heights, and with success.

Paul van Riessen

Quote editor-in-chief

Paul van Riessen was appointed editor-in-chief of the business magazine Quote in January 2021, where he has worked since 2004. Many editors-in-chief have been at the helm of Quote since he wrote for the magazine. He still regularly fills the magazine with thought-provoking investigative articles.