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Collect all MASTERS every year and enter a world of exclusive beauty and refinement. This premium lifestyle magazine provides meters of inspiration and, in addition to beautiful photography, a harmony of shared passions. Your membership is recognition of your pursuit of special experiences and gives access to the extraordinary. Embrace the elegance that belongs to you. For a hundred euros a year. What? Yes really: one hundred coins. You have to be quick before MASTERS changes its mind and announces a membership stop. 

✓ 2 tickets for MASTERS EXPO '24 (worth €100)*
Two must-haves

✓ 4 x MASTERS Magazine 
These chunky MASTERS

✓ LXRY LIST 2024 
Annual Trend Forecast 2024 in 250 images

The weekly paper of MASTERS HQ.


*Day tickets can be used on Friday December 13, Sunday December 15 or Monday December 16. 


Why Subscribe

Content & Beauty

MASTERS informs, inspires and fascinates. The magazine is published four times a year and presents the best in the field of business and luxury. It offers depth against a background of eye-catching photography and design. MASTERS has a unique and high-quality range with a proven storage function. A page turner full of beautiful stories - it shows that doing business can be great and compelling.

MASTERS was created 'For Great Business People'. Isn't that what we all want to be?

MASTERS is the successor to LXRY and, like LXRY, is one of the Benelux's leading publications in the field of luxury and business. At least that's what our partners say. These are our readers and friends of the house.

Because doing business is great and compelling, MASTERS is: 'For Great Business People'. In addition, MASTERS is closely linked to MASTERS COMPANY. For example, each issue of MASTERS contains a special section with all the novelties of the companies affiliated with MASTERS COMPANY. A great step that further strengthens and formalizes the hub and multichannel function of MASTERS HQ.

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