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MASTERS EXPO is the only premium business fair in Europe, the place where more than 40.000 visitors experience the most special offers in the field of modern luxury and future-proof business. From mobility to real estate and from design to tech. A lively arena where expertise, vision and opportunities come together.

From December 12 to 16, around 350 national and international parties will merge into a vibrant symphony of entrepreneurship during MASTERS EXPO – LA BELLE ÉPOQUE.

MASTERS EXPO – with the big, the small and the picturesque stands and unique concepts – where entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, leaders, politicians and visionaries met to do business is unique in the world. Entrepreneurial Dutch people meet each other on an area of ​​over 40.000 square meters during the largest social networking event in our country. The cutting-edge range of gastronomy, live entertainment, podcast recordings, art and design ensures the most unique exhibition concept in Europe. Musicians, dancers, singers, tastings, charity, intimate stages and live art: there is something to experience everywhere. And for everyone.

Like all previous years, MASTERS EXPO also has a theme this year: LA BELLE ÉPOQUE.

Do you have a minute? Imagine: more than 400 treasure troves present themselves at MASTERS EXPO. For five days. That means 40.000 square meters of entrepreneurial spirit, news, trends and acquaintances. Various stages spread across the halls show surprising music, special artists and unique moments every day, every hour. More than ten culinary hotspots spread across the exhibition floor ensure gastronomy 2.0. 

You could say that the stock market reinvents itself every decade, moving with the state of the world and the spirit of the times. While in the first years of this century it was mainly about entertainment and which big star opened the fair, nowadays it is much more about the content: which innovative firsts are presented and which chefs participate in Sterrenrestaurant M*? The latest acquisitions in the world of haute Horlogerie, interior designers, tech and unique real estate projects are proudly displayed here. It is the entrepreneurs of special (family) businesses, the MASTERS, who fill the exhibition floor and surprise and inspire visitors with innovative visions, craftsmanship and encounters. Trendsetting, hip and festive with a deep focus on entrepreneurship. Networking takes place here and new partnerships start here. MASTERS EXPO it is!

MASTERS HQ operates from a picturesque and industrial building on the edge of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. Here, an energetic and well-coordinated team of enthusiasts, led by CEO Yves Gijrath, works on the most beautiful fair in Europe. Yes, there is pride. And not just a little bit either. It's a huge operation. Thousands of builders, self-employed people, chefs, attendants, hostesses and hundreds of family businesses are thrilled to participate in this grand manifestation of entrepreneurship.

A whole year is spent working to excel for five days. Want to spend a year working on five days in December? 'Yes!' is the answer. Even more than a year, because from the autumn we will already be working on the next edition. Why is it so much work? Because it is not a standard fair. It is a city that is created with houses and squares and all kinds of events that take place during the event.

With a pop-up Star Restaurant M* to which a record number of chefs have joined, with a substantive conference where unique entrepreneurs share their vision and where every detail is taken into account. Where there is a story behind everything. Some colleagues have been working since the very first edition in 2002, some were not even born then. But we all work with heart and soul and with immense pleasure.

Good question! The VIP DAY is a very special day, we often hear 'a fairy tale'. Festive and exclusive. The men in Black Tie and the ladies in long. A grand social event. On this day the atmosphere is unique. Music everywhere, beautiful snacks, live entertainment, grand drinks and many small events with the countless participants. It is the most sought-after day of the year, where the major brands invite their best and dearest relations to the fair. The fair opens its doors during the VIP DAY at 14.00 p.m. The organization of MASTERS EXPO has darkened all the halls of MASTERS EXPO. You immediately enter a fairytale setting. The VIP DAY is from 14.00:22.00 PM - XNUMX:XNUMX PM. 

The doors open at 12.00:12.00 and you walk onto the gigantic exhibition floor. This makes you the very first and therefore exclusive witness to all official launches, scoops and unique presentations. So Thursday. From 20.00:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.


MASTERS EXPO 2024 will take place on:

Thursday December 12 (The Exclusive Preview) 12.00:20.00 - XNUMX:XNUMX

Friday December 13 12.00:20.00 - XNUMX:XNUMX

Saturday, December 14 (VIP DAY) 14.00:22.00 PM – XNUMX:XNUMX PM

Sunday, December 15, 11.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m

Monday December 16 (Business Monday) 12.00:18.00 - XNUMX:XNUMX

MASTERS EXPO takes place in:

RAI Amsterdam
Holland complex – Entrance C
Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam

Immediately upon approaching Amsterdam via the A1 (Amersfoort/Amsterdam), A2 (Utrecht/Amsterdam) or A4 (The Hague/Amsterdam) motorway, the RAI is indicated on the ANWB signs on the ring road. RAI Amsterdam is located directly on the ring road (exit 9). The route to the parking garages is indicated from the exit.

Parking is available in the RAI Amsterdam parking garages. The regular parking rate is €5,50 per hour with a maximum of €32 per day. You can also purchase a day ticket in advance for €26 RAI Amsterdam.

There is a limited offer for special VIP parking in front of the entrance of RAI Amsterdam.

The cost of a VIP parking ticket is €50 per day.

To order VIP parking spaces, you can send an email to

Requests are approved based on availability.
By train: The RAI has its 'own' station, Amsterdam RAI. This station is a stone's throw from the RAI complex and is easily accessible by train from all over the country. Follow the signs for RAI Amsterdam when you leave the station. For more information, consult the NS Travel Planner at

By tram, metro and bus: Tram 4 runs between the center of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Central Station and the RAI (Europaplein stop). Metro 52 is a direct connection from Amsterdam Central or from Station Zuid to RAI Amsterdam. You get off at Europaplein station, in front of our door. Metro 50 runs between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Gein and stops at Amsterdam RAI Station. From Amstel Station you can reach us by metro 51 (Amsterdam RAI Station), bus 62 (Europaplein stop) or bus 65 (Scheldeplein stop).

You enter MASTERS EXPO via Entrance C – main entrance to the Holland complex.

For more information see RAI Amsterdam map.

MASTERS EXPO is wheelchair accessible.
  • Thursday 12 December The Exclusive Preview: Tenue de Ville Chique
  • Friday December 13 Fabulous Friday: Tenue de Ville
  • Saturday December 14 VIP DAY: Black Tie with a touch of magic
  • Sunday 15 December  Perfect Sunday: Tenue de Ville
  • Monday December 16 Business Monday: Business Suit


MASTERS EXPO is for all ages, children and young people under the age of 15 are also more than welcome accompanied by someone aged 18 or older.

A minimum age of 18 years applies for The Exclusive Preview, VIP DAY and Business Monday. Security may ask for proof of identification.

Children up to five years old have free access to MASTERS EXPO.

Special children's tickets are available for sale for children up to 15 years old at a reduced rate of €25.

Pets are not allowed at MASTERS EXPO.
If you want to relax from all the beauty and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, you can do so at a record number of surprising culinary hotspots. From oyster and champagne bar to French haute cuisine or vegetarian cuisine. MASTERS EXPO has now grown into a culinary festival.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.
You can pay with debit card, cash or credit card.

A picture says more than a thousand words. We invite you to share your experience during MASTERS EXPO on social media. Use #MASTERSEXPO to find us on Facebook and Instagram.

You are allowed to bring your own photo equipment, provided you use it for private purposes and it is not professional photo equipment.

If you want to take photos or record images for commercial purposes, please register via this link.

If you have any other questions, you can reach us at or call 020-8511450.


Ticket sales for MASTERS EXPO will start in mid-September 2024.

Day tickets for MASTERS EXPO are €50 each.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of tickets, each ticket is personal and cannot be passed on to another person.

It is not permitted to resell MASTERS EXPO 2024 tickets. If this is violated, the organization of MASTERS EXPO 2024 will impose a fine of € 1.000 per violation, without judicial intervention.

If MASTERS EXPO is canceled, your ticket is automatically valid for MASTERS EXPO 2025.

restaurant M*

The pop-up Restaurant M* has a record number of star chefs and therefore Michelin stars in the kitchen. It is the most talked-about gastronomic concept in the Netherlands and the only place where all the great top chefs celebrate the joy of their profession together. Shoulder to shoulder, afternoon to afternoon, evening to evening.

Entrance C is the entrance to MASTERS EXPO. After ticket control, drop off your coat at the cloakroom and take the escalator to reach the lobby of the fair. Restaurant M* is located on the second floor. You can take the stairs or the elevator. A host or hostess will show you the way.

You hand in your coat at the cloakroom. This is located behind the entrance of MASTERS EXPO.
Allergies/dietary requirements can only be taken into account to a limited extent. You must submit this before December 1 by email to:
Parking tickets are not included.

On Thursdays the dress code is Tenue de Ville Chique. The rest of the days and evenings the dress code is Tenue de Villes. On Saturday the dress code is Black Tie with a touch of magic.

Yes, that is certainly possible. Access to Restaurant M* also means access to MASTERS EXPO.

MASTERS EXPO and Restaurant M* can be reached by wheelchair. You can use various elevators.

Given the limited availability, this is unfortunately not possible.
Given the limited availability, this is unfortunately not possible.

We request that you be present at 11.30:17.30 am for lunch in Restaurant M*. Dinner starts at XNUMX:XNUMX PM.