Game over. Or not? Thanks to this luxurious version of the board game Monopoly, a game evening is given a more chic look. Put on your best outfit, pour a cocktail and let the game begin.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Justvoorhem

Play it hard

This luxurious edition of Monopoly will make the hearts of game lovers beat faster. The board game is made of grain wood. The drawer handles are made of cast metal in brass color. The entire board game has a coating of gold oil and in the central point there is an artificial leather roller area where the dice can be thrown. It will be a battle over who gets to take on the role of banker, because there is a drawer where the fancy, premium money is kept. The other drawers contain the gold accessories such as houses, hotels and tokens. The streets are also made of gold. All captured playing cards can be arranged in the intended fake leather card holders. This luxury edition of Monopoly is available from €200.