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3 high-end restaurants where vegetarianism is of paramount importance! An absolute mustText: Mical Joseph

Why no meat?

By not eating meat you save on greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and water use. If you, as a meat eater, can endure not eating meat for one week, you will save approximately 130 liters of water use, 13,3 kg of CO2eq (greenhouse gases) and 770 grams less meat.

Restaurant de Rozario* | Chef: Jermain de Rozario

One-star restaurant The Rosario can be found in the North Brabant town of Helmond. At the culinary helm is chef Jermain de Rozario, a chef who cooks from his feelings. His talent was discovered by star chef Soenil Bahadoer from the Lindehof in Nuenen and Jermain is the first chef ever to help Helmond win a star. The chef and his team have a special 6-course vegan menu this week. At De Rozario, crossing boundaries, playing with feelings and taste and dishes with a soul and taste are central. Are you already looking forward to the radish carpaccio?

Restaurant Niven* | Chef: Niven Kunz

Under the leadership of chef Niven Kunz, a star restaurant is located in Rijswijk Niven. The chef and his team cook 80 percent with vegetables and 20 percent with meat or fish. For Niven, this philosophy is clear and logical: vegetables are the starting point for the dishes, after which meat or fish come last. This kitchen makes its contribution. Kunz is mainly inspired by Jonnie de Boer of De Librije and the three-star chef Alain Ducasse. The chef uses local products and the stories of suppliers, after which Niven and his team create inspiring dishes.

Vermeer Amsterdam* | Chef: Chris Naylor

Star restaurant Vermeer Amsterdam is run by British chef Chris Naylor. He experiments with products that Chris receives daily from local farmers, which he converts into dishes with pure and fresh flavors. Together with his team, he pushes culinary boundaries and focuses on straightforward dishes. “Pretentious bullshit” you won't easily find it in Vermeer's kitchen. Besides vegetarian fine dining you will also find meat and fish on the menu, but the vegetarian options are definitely worth it.