Water with food is nice. Not just a drink, but a panoramic view. From a terrace or with your feet in the sand. These are our top 3 restaurants on the water. Text: Carsten Klint
Editorial staff: Nathalie Wittendorp

At the Pool**

A major tragedy last year: a small fire ultimately resulted in the entire restaurant being declared a total loss. Stefan van Sprang, Masterchef Holland presenter and culinary manager at Aan de Poel, and his business partner and friend Robert Veuger, one of the best hosts in our country, faced an almost impossible task. However, they made the impossible possible: the business was rebuilt within two months. And a good thing too, because the restaurant has one of the most beautiful terraces on the water.


The restaurant of the young and creative entrepreneurial couple Rutger and Jessica van der Weel is located in the former ferry house of Katseveer between South and North Beveland. Beautiful view over the water. After a major renovation in 2012, the catering couple created an apartment above the restaurant last year with a beautiful changing view of the Oosterscheldewater. The kitchen is modern and you can taste craftsmanship in the dishes.

The Bosch

Het Bosch, a beautiful restaurant with ditto view on the Jollenpad in Amsterdam. The restaurant saw its chef leave last year: King Willem-Alexander hired the SVH Master Chef as a private chef. From Het Bosch to Huis ten Bosch Palace. The business has been transferred to the son of the former owner: entrepreneur, chef and deejay Ferry van Houten. At the same time as the transfer, the concept changed to contemporary: small dishes, but with an aim to increase quality to Michelin standard.