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2 hotspots that can fill you up for an entire evening. The Food Department of which we highlight 2 favorite food stands. And cocktail bar Super Lyan, where you can relax with a delicious cocktail after a rollercoaster of food. Text: Susan Poeder
Image: OONA Amsterdam and Susan Poeder

Lima Lima brings the world of Nikkei to Amsterdam

“Because of my Greek roots, I still regularly travel to Greece and it was in Mykonos that I first came into contact with Nikkei cuisine. I had been looking for a good catering concept for Amsterdam for some time. In the meantime, I was doing all kinds of things: I had some real estate business and was working on an exclusive tea brand blacktail and have in recent years Juniper & Kin set up with Persijn in the new hotel QO Amsterdam. Then Magna Plaza came along and I took this opportunity to do something new.”

Nikkei is not yet very well known in the Netherlands. A fusion cuisine, created after a group of 7000 Japanese workers emigrated to Peru in 1889. In terms of taste, two extremes come together, for example grilled chicken with kimchi butter and truffle (Polla a la Braza).

Top chef for Lima Lima

“The kitchen is so minimalist and perfect with the scents and colors of Peru,” Sotiris explains. “Restaurant Pakta in Barcelona is already extremely popular and there are great restaurants in London, Berlin and Athens. Not here. I really wanted to be different from everyone else in this food hall. Just cook, no fast food. To achieve this, I managed to get Thanos Stasinos, the best Nikkei chef from Greece, to create the menu for us. He was a bit hesitant at first when he heard that it was a kind of kiosk concept, but look at this view. He was immediately convinced. And how nice is it that you can enjoy such a culinary meal in the city for practically 2 euros. Isn't that great?"

LXRY tip: Tiradito (tuna, with wasabi, saffron and an indefinably delicious sauce), shows your taste buds every corner of the room. You should also not miss the ceviche here. 

Sotiris Evstratiades at Lima Lima in Magna Plaza.

Chef Thanos Stasinos provides the menu at Lima Lima.

Greek cuisine Lios deviates from the standard

The second business that falls under the wings of Sotiris goes back to its roots. “In my opinion, Amsterdam doesn't have a Greek yet that makes you feel like you're really eating in Greece. We know it; souvlaki, gyros and moussaka are the standard dishes that you can eat everywhere. I didn't want that. We're going back to the basics, with simple but tasty dishes and lots of vegetables.”

LXRY tip: You should definitely not pass through Lios without trying the fried artichokes with aioili. This one goes down especially well after a cocktail or two. The Greek salad with pomegranate seeds if you want something lighter. Finally, ask about the squid. You just have to experience for yourself why this is so delicious. 

Super Lyan for super cocktails

Super Lyan must be the new one all day neighborhood hang-out going to be from Amsterdam. The 2 cocktails on tap are unique to the Netherlands, but you can also choose one of the other original creations from the cocktail menu. There is the Mr Lyan twist on an Old Fashioned – with beeswax and a flamed orange zest – and the Bay Cosmo – a version of the classic Cosmopolitan, but with bay leaf.

Not a hotel bar, but a bar in a hotel

Super Lyan is open from 07:00 am and offers the opportunity to work quietly with a breakfast. Throughout the day you can order various bar snacks such as Magic Cheese, Chocolate & Chips and even vegan donuts, for those with a sweet tooth.

The bar is located in a historic 17th century building in Amsterdam with a covered courtyard next to the Kimpton De Witt Hotel. During the day you enter Super Lyan through the main entrance of the hotel, in the evening you enter through your own bar entrance at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 3.