Bots: 'Financial security for 2 billion people'

Some of us will have been cautiously stressed because of the sharp drop in several crypto currencies. But whether the value will skyrocket again soon? No one knows the answer. Perhaps a tweet from Tesla boss Elon Musk will change this again. In The Only Way Is Up, MASTERS this week puts the startup 'BOTS [...]

C.W. Rustic Construction, Colard Winde plays with fire

The Netherlands is a real fireplace country. During the cold winters the fire crackles in the living room and outside the atmosphere is lifted a little with a beautiful outdoor fireplace. With whom the passion for fireplaces runs through his blood is Colard Winde, who with his company C.W. Rustiekbouw is part of MASTERS COMPANY 300*. From modern to classic [...]

Kazem Aesthetics: the rise of nonsurgical procedures

Less downtime, no incisions and scars, as well as a reduced risk of complications. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of nonoperative treatments. Plastic surgeon Dr. Kazem sees a shift from surgical, operative procedures to non-operative treatments. The plastic surgeon talks about this trend as well as explains the popular alternatives offered at Kazem Aesthetica.Text: Mical [...]

Mariska Jagt: "reflect, reflect, change & grow"

Owner and Creative Director Mariska Jagt, together with her team, realizes project after project in the high end. The past year was a good time for her to reflect and reflect, which manifested itself in good developments on a business level. For MASTERS, Jagt writes her column on the winner's mentality, the complete interior experience and [...]

Put your money to work: New Kid Madelon Vos

25-year-old Madelon Vos started freelancing in 2018 as a way to detach herself from a 9-to-5 job, this culminated in a successful media company. Like bitcoin's red numbers this week, Madelon's phone was red hot due to the price crash. Still, this New Kid found the [...]

MASTERS Member of the Week: Lars van Engelen

MASTERS Member Lars van Engelen has seized a unique opportunity with both hands in his career at real estate developer Snippe Projecten. Lars is project director and shareholder of the giant, international housing project Hyde Park in Hoofddorp.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens Image: Isaiah Hizkia Snippe Projecten Real estate developer and family business Snippe Projecten was founded in 1989 by André Snippe. From a [...]


Irene van de Laar sets her sights on Erik Kessels. Erik Kessels is a visual artist, designer, co-founder and creative director of communications agency KesselsKramer. He collects photography, published several photo books and curated exhibitions. In his projects he likes to merge existing things in a new way.Text: Irene van de Laar | Online Editor: Natasha Hendriks [...].

Staying overnight in the Friends apartment

Although a city trip to New York is still a while away, MASTERS has already spotted a special location in downtown Manhattan, New York City. Fans of the hit series Friends will have the unique opportunity to spend a night in Monica and Rachel's apartment.Text: Yael Simhy Image: From New York [...]

Queen Máxima: versatile power woman

Last week Queen Máxima celebrated her 50th birthday. Máxima is a true power woman; in addition to being queen, she also fulfills the role of mother and businesswoman. Like her various roles, her looks and jewelry are also versatile. At GASSAN and Choices by DL you can find jewelry that perfectly matches Queen [...]'s versatile wardrobe.