Bots: 'Financial security for 2 billion people'

Some of us will have been cautiously stressed because of the sharp decline in several cryptocurrencies. But will the value quickly increase again? Nobody knows the answer. Perhaps a tweet from Tesla boss Elon Musk will change this again. In The Only Way Is Up son in law M this week the startup 'BOTS by RevenYou on stage, an app that uses automated trading strategies, so you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and without knowledge. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: BOTS by RevenYou It is almost impossible to ignore it: trading in cryptocurrency. It is the conversation around the coffee machine, lunch and corona-proof drinks with friends. A true hype was born and many parties are responding to this quite cleverly. BOTS is one of them. The tech company has developed an app that makes it possible for everyone to invest from just a few tens of euros. Previously, automated trading strategies were only accessible to the richest 3% of the world, until now. MASTERS spoke to CCO/Founder of BOTS: Colin Groos.

 Started from the bottom and now we're…

''We started in 2018 and are now almost in the scale-up phase with a turnover of almost break-even. We are also growing rapidly abroad. We are now active in seventeen countries and have more than 50 employees. The app has currently been downloaded by 330.000 people and 150 bots are ready here."

Best tip you've had?

''Indecision is the worst thing there is. It's better to move on than to wait, even if you go in the wrong direction at first. Just do it!''

Why do you think BOTS is so successful?

“We also have a great product. It's fantastic to give people access to high returns. This in turn allows them to spend more time and energy on more important matters than money, such as paying attention to their fellow human beings and the world. However, a nice product alone will not get you there. Because we can think big, are experienced entrepreneurs, have a great team and fantastic shareholders, we are able to build this and roll it out to other countries and continents. You can't build a company like this alone, people and network are everything!” Photo: BOTS

Which company/service would you have liked to come up with yourself?

''The company as we have set it up now is the most beautiful form of creativity, but I think other great companies that are doing well are Apple, Tesla and Pal V.

What would you do with 1 million?

''Investing in the growth of BOTS. We are well into our round to raise €10 million. That amount goes to marketing, expanding the organization and legal matters.”

What are you worth?

“We are currently valued at €100 million.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Our goal for BOTS is to provide financial security to 2028 billion people worldwide by 2. In 5 years' time, I would like to see myself as an inspiring entrepreneur who can empower others to achieve great and great things in their lives."

Also the BOTS app? Here you download it.

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Photo: BOTS