MASTERS Member of the Week: Lars van Engelen

MASTERS Member Lars van Engelen has worked as a real estate developer in his career Snippe Projects seized a unique opportunity with both hands. Lars is project director and shareholder of the gigantic international housing project Hyde Park in Hoofddorp.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Isaiah Hezekiah

Snippe Projects

Real estate developer and family business Snippe Projecten was founded in 1989 by André Snippe. From a small organization, Snippe Projecten has grown into a large organization that operates in many places in the country with large and smaller projects. “We realize very large projects. We recently completed an area development of 2300 homes in Diemen. We are now working on our feat: 4000 apartments in Hoofddorp,” says Lars van Engelen.

Hyde Park

“The project in Hoofddorp is called Hyde Park and I am the project director and shareholder. For me it is the first time that I have experienced this as an entrepreneur. Hyde Park will become a gigantic, international city district. It is even the largest housing project in the Benelux. We have purchased 100.000 square meters of office space next to Hoofddorp station. Fifteen different buildings are demolished, and a completely new, international city district is built there. The first block is called Kensington, the second block is called Nothing Hill. It will be a neighborhood for everyone: house prices range from €300.000 to €2.000.000. From now on, it will take another six years before Hyde Park is completely finished.”

Entrepreneurial tip

“Trust your gut feeling. And go for it 200%. If you do that, you will get a lot in return.”


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