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The future is theirs!

Kazem Aesthetica is a leading and luxurious aesthetic clinic founded by doctor Farid Kazem: a widely acclaimed certified plastic surgeon with a refined taste when it comes to beauty and wellbeing. Kazem Aesthetica offers a variety of non-operative and operative treatments. But what does Farid have in store for his clinic? MASTERS looks to the future with the plastic surgeon. Text: Mical Joseph

How do you continue to innovate as a plastic surgeon?

“By continuously being able to develop myself by attending various conferences, seminars and communicating with other colleagues, I have never stopped learning. Last month, the international Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) took place in Monaco again for the past two years. This conference mainly focuses on the trends and future of the industry. In June I will travel to Paris for the second major international conference of this year. In addition, I continue to innovate as a plastic surgeon by offering visionary treatments such as Thermage, CoolSculpting®, Elipse®, Clear & Brilliant, injectables and eyelid corrections. In this way, Kazem Aesthetica ensures that all the client's needs are met.”

Can you tell us more about the project in London?

“Initially, this London idea started because I was asked to set up the SensiSlim™ plan in England. This formula developed by Kazem Aesthetica is not yet used there and is very successful here. Our SensiSlim™ programs are the first non-invasive custom body transformation programs. The four programs are without operations and without pain. So it is a very accessible treatment. The service in London will consist of collaborations with high-end hotels, where the customer can relax after the Kazem treatments. This year I have already had a few conversations and the location is known: Kazem Aesthetica will open on Harley Street in London. The team is still busy selecting a number of excellent English doctors and once they are on board, we will make a start before the summer and really open in September.”

Why London?

“As a plastic surgeon, I am also registered in England and a large part of my target group is in London. Many customers there choose the high-end service that our clinic offers. So it's time to expand to this Kingdom!

I also want to reach more foreign customers, because we see this as a growth market. In London I create the portal for high-end treatments between the Netherlands and foreign clients from the Middle East and China. With the Dutch clinic we are of course already very centrally located, namely in Schiphol-Rijk, where private planes can land nearby. London will give that extra boost!”

Are you going to expand to other countries?

“During my career I have been approached several times to set up clinics in the Emirates. I am a bit careful with this, because it is more difficult to maintain control over the high quality given the distance. In London I have a much quicker overview of maintaining quality, I know European legislation inside out and my clientele comes to England from the Middle East. But never say never... ".

How do you stay ahead of your competitors?

“To be honest, I don't think we have competitors, because what we do with Kazem Aesthetica, no one does in the Netherlands. We are un-Dutch because of our approach and way of thinking. We have competitors abroad, yes.”

What do you think the future holds for plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments?

“A clear trend for the next five years is body treatments. So everything that has to do with shaping and contouring the body is very popular. Then you should think of CoolSculpting, for example: the permanent removal of fat cells by freezing them and EMSCULPT Neo for muscle building, strengthening and skin tightening. People even say: “Body is the new face”. Over the past ten years, facial treatments have increased enormously due to new techniques, among other things. In facial ethics, non-surgical treatments are also at the top of the list. A good example is skin tightening using advanced radio frequency energy. This is used with the NuEra Tight and for skin improvement with the Hydrafacial. This industry has become a billion-dollar business and the expectation is that 'body' will become even more immense. Growth of no less than 300% is expected over the next five years!”