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Picture Perfect at MASTERS VERNISSAGE in Hotel Okura Amsterdam 2021

Last week the small-scale version of MASTERS EXPO took place in Hotel Okura Amsterdam: MASTERS VERNISSAGE. From July 8 to 12, the hotel was dedicated to the most beautiful and best craftsmanship in the field of art, watches, jewelry, fashion, food, mobility, wellness, investments and design. MASTERS now reports on the elegant event, where we finally met again after a long time to raise a glass to the future. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Floris van der Paardt


At MASTERS VERNISSAGE we met again after a long time to raise a glass to the future. We looked ahead, closed deals, gained inspiration and did a lot of networking. Of course, while enjoying all the best craftsmanship from thirty high-quality exhibitors.

Various jazz trios, artists and trained musicians also created the atmospheric musical setting, which the visitors enjoyed. And speaking of enjoyment... the Girls With Taste walked around during the ROARING TWENTIES VIP NIGHT to let guests enjoy crème brûlée, fresh oysters and delicious caviar, perfectly combined with the fantastic wines from Vinites.

Magical moments were experienced during the various performances by talented artists in the Secret Suite on the 22nd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. The intimate group of guests had the unique opportunity to attend an intimate concert by singers Alain Clark, Sandra van Nieuwland and Wouter Hamel, enjoy beautiful piano performances by Wibi Soerjadi and Pieter de Graaf or experience a spoken word lecture by poet Derek Otte from creative artist agency Blue Luna. Just like at MASTERS EXPO, a famous VIP Night could not be missed. On Saturday evening, all guests came together under the theme 'Roaring Twenties' to spend the evening in style. The many musical performances were enjoyed while enjoying a good glass of Paul Hartwood champagne. On Business Monday, all members of MASTERS League met to do business with each other and network. The source of BV Nederland was located at MASTERS VERNISSAGE on this day.


On Friday, July 9, it was in the restaurant Serre from Hotel Okura Amsterdam a colorful group during THE CAPTAINS LUNCH. The entrepreneurs, prominent figures and celebrities present all had 1 thing in common: they were guests in Yves Gijrath's podcast on De Kaptiteinenlijn. While enjoying delicious dishes and a spoken word Yves soon started telling beautiful stories at the table.

Before lunch, the guests immediately started talking animatedly with each other on the terrace. After a drink everyone sat down at the table. During the welcome speech, Yves dedicated the lunch to Peter R. de Vries (1956-2021), who was his guest in 2019. Attention was also paid to podcast guest John van den Heuvel, who was unable to attend due to the developments regarding Peter R. De Vries.

The first dishes were served and glasses were raised at a beautiful meeting full of Excellence. After the main course, those present were treated to a spoken word by Yves, which consisted of special quotes from podcast conversations by various guests present.

A selection of the captains who were present during THE CAPTAINS LUNCH: Fajah Laurens, Ali B, Roland Kahn, Henk de Vries, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Erik de Vlieger, Paul Riemens, Thomas Acda, Leon de Winter, Micky Hoogendijk, Benno Leeser and Won Yip.