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MASTERS Member of the week: Lyanne Metz

A unique MASTERS Member is highlighted every week. A MASTERS Member is a member of the MASTERS League. In 2007, Lyanne Metz started Metz Makelaardij together with her husband. In the municipality of Stichtse Vecht, the company is known as the purchasing and sales agent and you can also contact Lyanne Metz for rental and leasing. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Style Photography

The key to success

“Lyanne started in real estate in the 80s and that is when her love for the profession arose. She started her own real estate agency in Breukelen in 2003 and worked with project developers in southern Spain and Turkey until 2007. That same year she moved into her real estate agency in Breukelen to focus entirely on the Dutch market; municipality of Breukelen, now municipality of Stichtse Vecht. “I am a late bloomer and only completed the real estate agent training in 2008, because I definitely wanted to join the NVM. In addition to being a registered real estate agent, I am also a registered appraiser, this combination suits me like a glove.”

Lyanne Metz Real Estate

Lyanne Metz Makelaardij offers all the support needed when buying or selling a house. Expert, personal and careful and the associated transparency is essential. “Our approach and working method is different, we create with attention and personal flair. The bar is high and we want to deliver top quality and service. It is important to listen carefully and we are good at that. Ultimately, this results in customization.”


“I network a lot because I really enjoy it! I have met so many interesting people that I would otherwise never meet. Having an interest and interest in other people, being willing to listen and help when they need help. Networking also means selflessly working for the general and social interest. It is my belief that if you are successful in networking as a person, you will not only be successful in your private life, but also in your business life. My networking tip: “If you are a member of a network, go too. Not just once, but several times, then it will really help you. Everyone in Breukelen knows me now, so I sit at the table with many sellers. Building a real estate agency is not something you just do, you have to deal with the residents who still have to get to know you, but also with the established order. Out of nowhere I built an NVM office and I am quite proud of that.”

MASTERS Member League

“I joined the MASTERS League right at the beginning. A friend had pointed out membership to me. Unfortunately I missed the boat tour through the Amsterdam canals because I was unable to attend.”

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