In MASTERS GALLERY, art works of prominent artists are highlighted on a weekly basis. Maaike Wycisk sees her work as a voyage of discovery in which different images and materials melt together into new creations. Inspired by Pop Art, she creates colourful works of art in which classic and digital meet.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Maaike Wycisk


When I was growing up in the 90's I really grew up with the The Supermodels of that time: Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. The Big 6 were everywhere: from ads to TV shows to music videos. The great thing is that they never really left and they still leave their mark on the current (fashion) scene. In that respect they will be an inspiration to many and that includes me. That's why you see them a lot in my work. For this work I used images of wall posters (grunge art) and paint. The style is inspired by Street Art and Pop Art. The mix of styles has a tough effect and also creates depth. The paint techniques I use on the print makes it a lively work again, because it gives structure and depth to the work. Because of this it doesn't look like a digital print anymore, but it creates an interesting mix of new and old techniques. All works are original and unique, but can be ordered in size. I then print them in the desired size and process them in my own unique way with paint.

Naomi Mouse

"My work is not about telling a story or looking for a deeper meaning: I make images that I find interesting to look at. In that respect it is mainly a voyage of discovery in which different images and materials come together to form a new creation. It is interesting for me to combine the classic real painting techniques with the more modern techniques of digital art. With this work I found it interesting to see to what extent I could combine abstract art with a photograph. The back- and foreground of this work consist of prints of brightly colored paint from an abstract artwork. By repeating Naomi's image on this background several times, a playful and exciting effect is created. By adding more paint to the print, the work becomes tangible and the difference between the image of the paint and the real paint disappears. This causes the viewer to doubt whether it is a painting or a digital work. And in the end it is just that: a combination.

Doutzen in Japan

My works are always a combination of digital art and paint/paint medium. I print the digital design on canvas and then rework it with acrylic medium, paint, stencils or spray paint. This is the youngest model in the row. But of course our Doutzen Kroes can't be missed! One of the basic images for this work is a cover of a Japanese Vogue. What I find interesting about that is that I have no idea what it says, while you immediately understand the essence. This makes it more exciting for me. I worked on the Vogue cover with different images of paint, creating interesting layers in the work. After printing it on canvas and processing it with different paint techniques, confusion arises - just like with Naomi Mouse - between a digital and a painted work.

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