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High-flyer Cas Geven from ABR: “Dare to dream abroad”

Abroad Business Rules (ABR) is an online training program that transfers knowledge in theoretical or practice-oriented form, aimed at SMEs, self-employed people and employees. Cas Give en Nikesh Mandrekar are the founders of ABR. When doing the ABR training, various points are discussed that provide insight into an unknown market. In this development process, the wishes, opportunities and obstacles of the company across the border are examined. ABR is mainly for Dutch companies that are not yet in a specific country. For the High Flyers section, MASTERS talks to one of the founders, Cas Geven. Text: Mical Joseph
Image: ABR

What is your USP?

“ABR distinguishes itself on several points. This makes us accessible to SMEs and self-employed companies. Accessible because we keep the rates low to enable personal development and business development for everyone, but also by giving the opportunity to develop without it being at the expense of the business core. ABR training courses are scheduled according to the customer's wishes. These are easy to plan so that you can continue your business activities properly. At a substantive level, we offer basic legal advice, which is necessary for the first steps of the entrepreneurial journey across the border. And all cultural differences are translated into intercultural business situations. A positive contribution is made to opportunities that would otherwise remain unused or would never have been created. This promotes training, achieving business success or development on a personal level.”

What can the older generation of entrepreneurs learn from you?

“The older generation of entrepreneurs has the knowledge and experience that is crucial for the current generation of entrepreneurs and employees. However, ABR sees great online opportunities to offer this knowledge in a user-friendly manner in an accessible manner. This takes into account the financial possibilities and time management of our participants. The online platform provides a greater reach to make knowledge and experience more accessible.”

Who is your mentor or source of inspiration in the field of entrepreneurship?

“Rinke Pels has been one of our teachers. Pels gave us the confidence to ultimately further develop our idea and also indicated that you should not be deterred by the fact that you may be young and not taken seriously. Snapchat's founder, Evan Spiegel, showed us the importance of Gamification. People learn best and get used to a new innovation most easily when a game element is added. The information provided also sticks better with the participants. Gamification is therefore a goal that we want to implement extensively in the online training(s).”

What is your motto or quote?

“Our motto is that business expansion on the international market should be accessible to every entrepreneur or employee. The person should not be dependent on lack of time or financial resources: 'Dare to Dream Abroad'. "

What is the biggest entrepreneurial risk you have taken so far?

“Offering a product on the national and international market without extensive entrepreneurial experience.”

Where will you be in three years?

“In three years, Nikesh and I want to have achieved a number of things. We want to have a broad training offering in at least three different countries, set up a feedback community so that we can keep our product up to date more precisely and appropriately, collaborate with various consultants to support the entrepreneurial journey from A to Z from ABR and a have contributed to at least a hundred business success stories and deals across the border.”