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GASSAN'S pre-owned: watches that transcend trends and fads

Trends in the watch world are, quite appropriately, not temporary fads: in the world of the mechanical watch, different laws apply and time runs at its own pace. This does not mean that there are no trends to be discovered, although GASSAN prefers to call a watch trend a development. An important development in the watch world is the growing popularity of vintage and pre owned watches. GASSAN has a wide selection of pre-owned brands and models where authenticity and quality are guaranteed. Text: Fleur de Jong

Timeless icons

The great attention to vintage and pre-owned watches also emphasizes the timeless beauty of these special instruments of time. This is reflected in the retention of value - an objective determination - and also in the aesthetic incorruption - a more subjective observation, although an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, for example, escapes any subjective and taste discussion; that watch is undeniably an untouchable icon. By the way, GASSAN has more of these timeless icons in its pre-owned collection. Think of the presidential Rolex Day-Date and Santos from Cartier; watches that transcend trends and fads. Moreover, GASSAN is currently busy expanding the collection for both men and women and offers watches from different price ranges to serve the widest possible audience. 

The definition of pre-owned

'Oldtimers' and 'youngtimers': both pre-owned and vintage watches concern used watches. Watches with a unique story and sometimes even a great history, but there is a distinction. We speak of pre-owned when we are dealing with watches made after 1990; this one you would youngtimers can name. We speak of vintage if the watch was made before 1990, then we are dealing with vintage cars. The young used watches are still fresh in the memories of most enthusiasts. Think of a certain model that was recently added to the collection. A watch that was most likely on display in one of the GASSAN branches, but has since been taken out of production or has been replaced by a new version. But a pre-owned watch can of course also be a model from the current GASSAN collection. Then the very current watch is part of the pre-owned collection because the previous owner traded it in, for example.

The importance of trust

Trust is crucial when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Nowadays, the range of used watches available offline and online, through private individuals and dealers, is enormous, but unfortunately transparency is often sparse. Anyone who opts for pre-owned probably has questions about the watch in terms of its origin, authenticity and history. At GASSAN, every question is answered and questions about, for example, the presence of the original box, the papers and the warranty certificate are answered in an honest and open manner. GASSAN also reveals the precise condition of the watch and its maintenance history. The specialists can answer all questions when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned watch. At GASSAN you can buy a pre-owned car with peace of mind.

View here the pre-owned collection from GASSAN. 

See and try pre-owned in real life

Would you like to know more about the pre-owned brands at GASSAN or would you like to see and try one of the watches?
Then make an appointment and experience the timeless enchantment of pre-owned watches in the boutique at PC Hoofstraat 84 in Amsterdam.

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