TROPHY BY GASSAN: The sky's the limit

All legends have one thing in common: the ambition to always be the best. This is the credo of the new brand TROPHY BY GASSAN. Dustin Huisman is the brain behind this new brand and translates the passion to strive for the best into high-end customized jewelry for men. Creating a unique and personal design is possible, because: the the sky is the limit. Designed and created by the customer and the experts at GASSAN. Text: Fleur de Jong

Unlimited options

TROPHY's high-end basic collection includes Cuban Link necklaces and bracelets. The jewelry can be complete customized become unique items. The options are unlimited, you can choose a necklace, bracelet, ring, pendant or earrings. White, yellow or rose gold and whether or not set with diamonds; everything is possible. The vision, boundless creativity and inspiration of the customer in combination with GASSAN's expertise create an original and personal jewel, a one of a kind as a personal trophy. Detailed perfection is strived for during creation, because legendary achievements are celebrated with iconic designs. 

Creativity and expertise

A customized TROPHY BY GASSAN jewel is created through close collaboration between the customer and the in-house artists of the GASSAN studio. After discussing the vision and wishes, the design is developed on paper into a jewel. This is then converted into a 3D drawing and if everything is as desired, the creation is produced. The average delivery time of the TROPHY BY GASSAN is three months, after which it is delivered in a personalized high-end jewelry box. Of course the jewel comes with one HRD diamond certificate from Antwerp and a jewelry certificate.

Service beyond expectations

TROPHY BY GASSAN stands for the highest quality standards and best service. A customized jewel comes in a black jewelery box containing an exclusive magnifying glass and black jewelery gloves with a name in gold letters. 

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Would you like to admire the new brand TROPHY BY GASSAN in real life or look at the possibilities? GASSAN will be present at MASTERS VERNISSAGE on July 8 to 12 Hotel Okura Amsterdam.