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ETC Design Center: heaven for the art lover

Have you been looking at an ugly wall piece for years or are annoyed by the color of your sofa that really no longer suits your needs? Then hire an interior professional and visit the 120 showrooms of ETC Design Center Europe.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: ETC

Art District

In addition to all the interior elements that form the basis of every home, the interior professional can also contact ETC for a unique art object that gives an interior that little bit of extra personality. It is especially for this target group Art District called in life. It Art District is a collective of various art exhibitors who exhibit their work within ETC. The heart of it Art District is formed by the Art lane. This literal street is filled by a number of artists who jointly exhibit their works here. In January 2020, the center started exhibiting art under the name Art lane. At the beginning of 2021, the supply of art exhibitors had increased to such an extent that the name Art lane no longer covered the load. As a result of this development it is Art District was created and is the Art lane has become the beating heart of this. The Art lane itself is completed by Albert Potgieter, BLOK by Carina, Jopie Biesters and Loominance Fine Art, among others. By exhibiting their art together, an interplay of objects is created that is a beautiful reflection of the complete offering Art District has to offer.

Royals & Rebels and Van Loon Galleries

Enthusiasts can also contact ETC Design Center Europe for stand-alone art objects. With names such as Pleunie Buyink, World of Some, Katinka Krijgsman, Grace Spiegel, Tistuu and Toiz Art, visitors will encounter art with a nod to the inner child, while Tistuu's handmade design furniture shows a completely different form of art. . The most recent acquisitions are Royals & Rebels and Van Loon Galleries. With the rebellious and exclusive art of Royals & Rebels and the expressive figurative art of Van Loon Galleries, these parties are a great asset to ETC.

View here the website of ETC Design Center for the complete offer.


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