MASTERS Member of the week: Michel Tszfaldet

A unique MASTERS Member is highlighted every week. A MASTERS Member is a member of MASTERS League. Michel Tszfaldet has been the owner of the ICT company Tekle since 2018. Where Tekle previously served as a value added reseller, the company is now entering the promising world of hologram techniques. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens Image: Michel Tszfaldet Joining hands in one […]

Vintage, pre-loved & luxurious

In recent years, pre-owned watches have become increasingly popular and the luxury second-hand market has grown explosively, along with the focus on sustainability and the increased appreciation for craftsmanship. The jewelery house GASSAN, which has been active in the sale of diamonds, jewelery and luxury watches for more than 75 years, now also offers customers the opportunity to […]

ETC Design Center: heaven for the art lover

Have you been looking at an ugly wall piece for years or are annoyed by the color of your sofa that really no longer suits your needs? Then hire an interior professional and visit the 120 showrooms of ETC Design Center Europe. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens Image: ETC Art District In addition to all interior elements […]


As one of the largest private real estate owners in the Netherlands (list of Top 300 largest landowners), real estate entrepreneur Pascal van den Heuvel of LVDH Vastgoed cannot complain. Together with his partner Wouter Langeveld, he not only participates in projects, but also finances them in The Hague and beyond. MASTERS wonders: who laid the foundation for his […]


A look back at a special Golden Oldie from the MASTERS Gallery collection. Mo Cornelisse has been working as a full-time ceramicist since 2012. With her love for craftsmanship, fascination with material contradictions and a good knowledge of form and simplicity, she creates three-dimensional pieces with a golden edge. Online Editorial: Larissa Schaule Jullens Image: Mo Cornelisse Lost Toys […]