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An exceptional winery: Costaripa

The Costaripa winery is located in the heart of Valtènesi, Italy, in Moniga del Garda. Surrounded by vineyards, every generation at Costaripa since 1936 has devoted all its efforts to developing exceptional, progressive and intuitive craftsmanship. Terms that also define wine importer and Vinites family business. In addition to their specialization in Italian wines, Vinites also has a special and wide selection of beautiful wines that will make many wine lovers' hearts beat faster.

The third generation is at the helm of the Costaripa family business. Just as when it all started in the 30s, at this winery they work towards precise objectives: the dignity of the hard toil, the patience to achieve their goals, the prospects to prepare the ground for their children and grandchildren. The next generation of wine lovers and experts.

Innovation is of paramount importance at Costaripa. The winery works with very advanced methods, but with respect for working according to ancient tradition with nature and as a legacy for descendants.

Rosé all day, everyday

One of the gems of the Costaripa winery is the Valtènesi Rosé doc RosaMara. A rosé with flowers, strawberries and raspberries, pomegranate, broad and lush, with almonds, vanilla and a nice bitter aftertaste. This powerful, dry rosé goes well with a wiener schnitzel, smoked salmon, mussels in white wine and a fresh salad.

Wine importer and family business Vinites

Vinites was founded in 1979 by wine lover and owner Eddy de Boer. De Boer left Italy with the mission to conquer the hearts of Dutch wine drinkers with Italian wines. It was the time when Chianti was sold in wicker baskets and Eddy tried to beat French wines with classics such as Barolo and Brunello. To this day, Italian wines form the backbone of the Vinites range.

In the years between the creation of Vinites and now, Vinites has developed in different ways. Since the turn of the millennium, Vinites has been supplying wine to the catering industry, (online) wine specialty stores, wholesalers and chain stores. Eddy de Boer, together with general manager Henrico van Lammeren, has a professional, passionate and service-oriented team wine lovers gathered around itself and is therefore active from Haarlem on the entire Dutch market with a range from a wide selection of wine-producing countries and regions. Italian wines fulfill a particularly prominent role and position in this regard. In addition, the range has now been enriched with gastronomic alcohol-free alternatives. So something for everyone!

Vinites serves during the National Summer Drink MASTERS Summer Edition in the Amsterdam Hotel De L'Europe the sparkling RosaMara by Costaripa.