Wow, a flying boat at the fair

The nautical world is full of innovation and knows how to please many a boating enthusiast again and again. Edorado sets sail for RAI Amsterdam and presents here its first: the Edorado 8S Launch Edition, the brand's first fully electric powerboat. And unique: it can also fly.

On Thursday, December 8, Edorado will set foot at MASTERS EXPO to proudly present their first model. The brand launched their first 100% electric flagship in 2021: the Edorado 8S. After building several prototypes, the first production is now a reality. And it will be shown to the public at the business fair. The planet is also being considered. The 8S offers luxurious design, power and speed without the additional oil, emissions, wave action and noise. But what makes this boat truly unique is that it flies over the water! How? The Edorado team will tell you all about that at the show.

In 2015, entrepreneurs Giel Groothuis and Godert van Hardenbroek founded the boat brand. A company that makes fast, electric boats equipped with a retractable hydrofoil system. So this means all the joys of a fast boat, without emissions. With - in their own words - a touch of naiveté, but above all perseverance and a complementary skill set, the golden duo managed to get the first boats flying over the waters next year.

Want to admire the Edorado 8S Launch Edition with your own eyes and learn all about it? Then stop by Edorado in hall 11 at MASTERS EXPO. Order your tickets here.

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