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Did you know that our Dutch tap water is actually too hard? That's because it contains too much lime. Limescale leaves traces on your dishes, in your shower, but also on your skin, hair and ultimately even in nature. Waterluxe water softeners remove the limescale easily.

Online editor: Natasha Hendriks
Image: Waterluxe

Every drop counts

How much water do you use in a day? With the Waterluxe water softener you experience the luxury of water. Thanks to the handy technology hidden in a simple device, you can enjoy fresh, brand new, crystal clear soft water at any time of the day. You place a water softener close to the water meter; it is often in the meter cupboard. If that does not suit, the softener can be placed in the garage or basement so that it is out of the way. An LCD display indicates whether the salt needs to be refilled, what the water pressure level is and there is a child lock. So you actually don't have to worry about it. The salt is extracted from the soil in Twente, so it is nice and local. And it is also good for the wallet, because the pipes remain cleaner, which reduces energy consumption and extends the lifespan of appliances such as the espresso machine and dishwasher by using soft water.

You will notice: that cup of coffee or tea will really taste better. Everything also cleans better, because you don't have to scrub the dishes and windows for as long. That's nice, right? Basic installation is included, including a smile at the front door. It is ensured that the water softener is placed in the most optimal location and works immediately, and that you know how the maintenance works. Not too technical, but clear. Because you just want it to work and good service. No problem! Waterluxe believes in the luxury of simplicity. Just like the products: a simple luxury upgrade, every drop.

Waterluxe has been offering expert advice for fifteen years and guarantees quality. That is why Waterluxe always gives a five-year warranty on all products.

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