The Supercilium brow routine for at home

Eyebrows add character, expression and radiance. Not for nothing that many a woman and man go to the expert for their own brow look. But good news; Supercilium, the beauty brand of brow pros worldwide, is now launching a simplistic at-home brow routine. Whether you want to go for a fluffy, sharp, bold or natural look, anything is possible...Text: Fleur de Jong
Image: SuperciliumManoukde Vries, brow expert and founder of Amsterdam-based beauty brand Supercilium, has a personal mission. With her brand she wants to provide the right education and tools so that everyone can create perfect eyebrows: "The perfect brow is very personal, but once you have found your own shape and color with the help of a professional, it's just a matter of keeping it up. I've seen how beautiful eyebrows make all the difference, they make you feel instantly in character and confident. That's why we want to reach and empower as many women as possible with the perfect brows." So the new line fits perfectly with Manouk's mission; an accessible brow routine with matching products that can be used to create any look in three easy, quick steps. With years of experience in the brow industry, Manouk saw exactly what techniques brow pros used to style brows. She translated this into the DSC technique: Define, Sculpt and Control.

1. Define

The Brow Micro Pencil is the eyebrow pencil with the very finest micro-tip to create sleek lines and hairs and fill any empty spaces. Thanks to the pencil's narrow tip, any shape can be created. The Brow Micro Pencil is available in six colors with cool and warm tones to match any skin and hair color.

2. Sculpt 

The Brow Micro Concealer is no ordinary concealer, but the first Brow Concealer with a micro-tip specifically designed to highlight the eyebrows. With this innovative beauty product, you set a sleek line under the eyebrow which provides extra contrast, enhancing the desired look. The Brow Micro Concealer is available in three colors, always choosing one shade lighter than your own skin tone.

3. Control 

A windy bike ride, an intense workout or a night of dancing at the club: this Brow Control keeps eyebrows in place for 24 hours. Depending on the desired look, this wax can be used to tame stubborn hairs, elevator brows or create a full feathered look. The transparent wax is suitable for all skin tones and hair colors and does not leave a white film.

Custom advice

A nice touch; Supercilium' s beauty products are vegan, cruelty free and long lasting. The products are available in different colors, making them suitable for every hair and skin type. Should you find it difficult to determine the right color online, the brand has developed an online brow quiz. Based on a number of questions, tailored advice is given for the ultimate personal brow routine. And if the color doesn't match after all, Supercilium will send the right color free of charge afterfleeky brows at your service....

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