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“The Millennials, who grew up during economic growth and were raised by the booming baby boomers, dreamed of changing the world and making it a better place. Generation Z doesn't dream, they roll up their sleeves – they are realists.” We will talk to brain agent, trend teller and author René Boender. Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer
Image: John van Helvert
Editorial text: Mical Joseph

Great to cool

“I have worked with heart and soul in marketing and advertising since I was twenty. At the American McCann I learned to look at the world 'big', the 'truth was well told' and worked on campaigns for Goodyear, Coca-Cola, Levi's, H&M and L'Oreal, among others. BBCW followed in the early 2000s. That was really a rollercoaster. Delicious! But in 50 it was taken over by WPP and I would have to jump through the hoop again like a poodle. So no. By chance I ended up on the lecture circuit, each time for a larger audience: from rooms of 2.500 people in the beginning to 10.000 during Entrepreneur's Week and more than XNUMX in Madison Square Garden. Many asked: 'Do you have a book yet? No?' So I started writing like crazy: Great to Cool, Cool is Hot and two books about Generation Z. Now I give keynotes, guest lectures and, as a brain agent and trend teller, I help major internationals and CEOs of companies such as Amazon, Apple, ING and HEMA .”

Greta Thunberg

“When no one was yet interested in Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2012, I wrote the book Gen Z, the eye-opener, together with Jos Ahlers. And now our third book: Gen Z, desire for change. We did this by not talking about them, but with them. How do they think about the world? What choices will they make? Based on extensive research and with the help of quantum computers, we make predictions about the behavior of this generation, which is always online everywhere. From now on, they will take over and shape the workplace step by step. And with that also society and politics. Look at Greta Thunberg. Don't be surprised that she will be Sweden's Prime Minister around 2025. That will be the youngest Prime Minister we have ever had, and also a woman. This is the generation that says: 'I can't do anything about what you did in the past. I have complete influence on what I see now and what I will do in the future.' We are getting a huge rejuvenation in politics and business. The large companies will appoint young people, especially women, to ensure that anchoring and change are guaranteed.”

Meatless Monday

“Generation Z grew up in a time marked by terrorist attacks and recession. That has made them pragmatic, autonomous and perhaps even self-sufficient. They will ask a lot of questions about anything and everything. For example about time. We may have invented a lot, but there are still only 24 hours in a day. And time is decisive. Do you think Generation Z will still cook? No! They don't visit the shelves in the supermarket and then put everything in one pan at home. You gain an hour if you go to Schmidt Zeevis, for example, where we are now, and get a meal there. Moreover, you are assured that you are eating a fish that has had a good life. Because we will also handle food differently in the future, with respect for nature. You can bet that meatless Monday will be introduced.”


“Gen Z wants a new system, because the current one is no longer good. Socialism, capitalism and communism are bankrupt. The new generation is more conscientious in life. From our global research we conclude that the new system is based on three pillars: 'purpose mission', 'economic mission' and 'social mission'. Only when these are in balance will the consumer of the future be willing to buy from you, vote for you, join your movement. So work, live and earn money from your conscience. In this way, Gen Z is building a conscious culture, a society based on a higher purpose: a better life for everyone! The fact that this involves a lower salary is taken for granted. They want happiness in their lives. And happiness cannot only be expressed in money, but also in time. With Gen Z we are moving towards a nicer world!”