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Now that we spend more time indoors, we pay a little more attention to the interior. MASTERS has asked the country's most authoritative interior designers about 2021 trends and they shed light on the near future in part 2 of this triptych.Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

RA Studio

“Especially now that people are spending more time at home, they are increasingly looking for a warm and personal interior that exudes coziness. I also notice this need among our customers. They want an interior that embraces them, where they feel at home, where they are allowed to make a mess - it can be a lot and contrasting. You can see this in our interiors. We work with beautiful and rich materials, but what we make is also really cozy. Comfortable, nice, with your feet on the couch. We dare to mix everything up, making it look like an interior that you have collected all your life: the classic sofa from your grandparents, the chair from your trip to Marrakesh... But new, beautifully upholstered and well put together. appropriate.”

HIP Studio

“2021 will be even more about warmth, style and coziness. In recent times, people have become more confined to their homes, which has made cocooning and the focus on the home environment even greater and more important. A safe haven, a place where you must find the warmth and comfort that is currently more difficult to access elsewhere due to the current situation we find ourselves in. The consumer will need a different interpretation of his/her living environment. The use of warm colors, cuddly materials, art and design objects that are timeless and sustainable. The sense of art and culture will play an even more important role, discovering many cultural attractions in your own country is a good example of this. The attention to detail in the hospitality industry will increase even more, in combination with the feeling of luxury. Due to the lack of the past period, a visit to hospitality will feel like an extra luxurious experience, where the expectations of the guest will be even higher. An extension of home, which is extra appreciated because a stay is possible again.”

Dofine Wall | Floor Creations

“In the new year, Dofine, in collaboration with Lotz, Wonderwall, Barc Flooring and partners, will open The Farm in Hilversum. The name, The Farm, actually says exactly what we want to achieve with this new venture: harvesting the most beautiful and innovative materials and growing new interior products. This will not only be about Dofine's wall and floor finishes, but about all the interior finishes you can imagine. From refined 3D prints to eclectic interior fabrics and from natural clays to the most radical colors that come to mind. In this way we hope to inspire and support interior architects in the design process, but above all we hope to start a pleasant collaboration between the most diverse parties. Come visit us in 2021 and see our Spin Machine in action at the Paint Bar and create your own color!”

DMD Amsterdam

“A beautiful house is a house that suits its occupant. More than once it is important to surround yourself with an environment that consists of high-quality materials, timeless style choices, authentic details and hand picked art. A surprising interior full of personality. It starts with a balanced design, followed by a thorough renovation. A rich interior, warm upholstery and specially selected art are the crowning glory. A striking staircase, a special fireplace, a custom-made sideboard or a great chandelier. Such a specially designed one signature piece creates impact within the design. All together these parts result in the perfect picture. An environment that offers comfort and luxury.”

Masters #44