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5x books to learn more about the rich art history

Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, Leonardo Da Vinci. All examples of well-known masters to whom we owe a rich art history. You can visit a museum or watch a documentary to learn more about art history, but you can also read about it. You will find out more about it through these five books. Text: Patrick Stoffer

The Brief History of Art, Susie Hodge

Understanding art in a nutshell? The brief history of art is clearly structured and discusses 50 important works of art from the past to the present. It tells the most important periods, artists and styles. The concise, easy-to-understand text explains the most important concepts in art and shows how they are all connected. The book explains how, why and when art changed, who introduced what and what it was, where the art was created and its influence. It provides insight into the world of art so that you can enjoy it more.

The Great Golden Age Book, Jeroen Giltaij

The Great Golden Age Book provides a complete overview of painting in the seventeenth century. The seventeenth century is often called the Golden Age, because of the great wealth that was amassed and the impressive culture that flourished. It was painting that excelled in this regard. Countless painters with great talent created masterpieces throughout that century, which still arouse admiration after more than four centuries.

Dear painter, Simone van der Vlugt

This novel by Simone van der Vlugt highlights Rembrandt van Rijn's unexposed mistress. A woman unknown to many: Geertje Dircx. Geertje is arrested and locked up in the Gouda spin house for twelve years. The commission was given by Rembrandt. In the book she looks back on her life and love affair with Rembrandt, after his wife Saskia died. For years they live as a married couple, and Rembrandt gives her the jewelry from Saskia's inheritance. But at a certain point Rembrandt's love for Geertje turns out to be worthless. Geertje doesn't leave it at that and sues Rembrandt van Rijn. You will be introduced to a side of Rembrandt that few people know.

Golden Women, Judith Noorman

This book tells the story of 34 'art women'. Judith Norman and several students investigated which women in art there were in the seventeenth century, who have always remained unexposed. The result has been bundled in 34 compact, fascinating biographies. Attention is also paid to well-known names such as Amalia van Solms, Judith Leyster and Mary Stuart. In short, an insight into the world of seventeenth-century artistic women.

Eternal Beauty, EH Gombrich

In Eternal Beauty you get a good overview of the various periods and styles in architecture, painting and sculpture without losing sight of the main points due to the multitude of details. It is considered one of the best and most accessible history books on the visual arts.