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With a wide range of motor boats to impressive sailing boats, there is something for everyone at Hendricks Yachting. Whether it concerns chartering or purchasing, the company is represented in the Netherlands, Ibiza, Croatia, Mykonos, Dubai and the South of France. Thanks to owner Peter Hendricks' extensive experience in the boat and yacht segment, he and his team have a keen sense of what is suitable for the customer. And that is even more necessary in the current period. What does Hendricks have in store for this season?Text: Mical Joseph
Image: Hendricks Yachting and Marc Evenhauz

A new season after times of uncertainty

The bookings are pouring in after a time of uncertainty and the word of the week for Peter is 'optimism': “I was not prepared for the corona period, but I switched quickly and was well prepared for 'things' that could happen. I took the latter with me from the previous crisis, when it was more difficult for me to come out of it because I had never experienced anything like this before. Because of this previous experience, I have always decided that if something happens, I want to have as little risk as possible, limit fixed costs and not employ too many people. These preventive facets have made this period easier for the company. In fact, this is the best year we have had so far.”

Two weeks ago, Peter traveled to Croatia, where there was no dog at the airport at the time: “I advised all my clients to go on holiday a little later. If you are a good entrepreneur you have to think from them, not from yourself. So if you walk through an airport without people, you cannot say: 'It is cozy and there is a good atmosphere'. It is important that the destination is acceptable and comfortable for the customer. “Now the time is right, it is still quiet, but it will still be a beautiful, memorable holiday. A great season and we are looking forward to our regular customers and new customers.”

This season will of course be different from the seasons before. “We are officially open from July 1 and will continue chartering until the end of October. There is no point in continuing afterwards, because if the weather is not nice, we do not want our customers to go on the water. After October you have a different sea, a lot of wind and the sea cools down faster, which makes the experience of such a yacht very different.” A slightly shorter season, but nevertheless successful expectations. “We expect 50 percent of bookings in July, 75 percent in August and September cannot yet be estimated.”

New, very exclusive yachts

This year a number of new yachts have been added to the Hendricks Yachting stable, mainly in Ibiza. “Waterdream is launching a new model this year, a new Vanquish is ready in the harbor and Pardo Yachts is also present. We notice that people want to go out again and after a difficult period they choose to charter yachts. In addition to chartering, boat sales have increased enormously in the Netherlands. I mainly see this in the segment up to 100.000 euros. Because many people naturally spend their holidays in their own country, they opt for their own boat, which has increased sales by about 40 to 60 percent.” But having your own boat naturally requires the necessary maintenance. “We expect this trend to reverse within the next two years. Too many boats have been sold and buying a boat also includes a mooring, winter storage and other maintenance. People often misunderstand this and that is why renting a boat is a good solution.” In the Netherlands, Hendricks Yachting has purchased a number of boats to rent to customers and charters boats from owners. “By partially renting out the boat, it remains very well maintained, because we take care of it and you get your costs back, so at the end of the year you have actually sailed for 'nothing'. In addition, we bring the Ibiza level to the Netherlands, so that you can have a similar, perfect experience with family or friends in no time.” This is currently already possible in Amsterdam, in Vinkeveen and on the Loosdrechtse Plassen.

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Customer is king

Renting a boat is fun, but it's about the total experience, the experience and the high-quality service. “With us you will receive a picnic basket with culinary delicacies, a beach ball set, a SUP, a good speaker and of course a captain. It may sound logical, but it is the little things that matter in our service.” Where it was previously not obvious for people to go out on the water for a day, more and more families are booking with Peter and chartering is more accessible. “With us, the customer is king and if it rains, you don't have to pay. In addition, more and more people realize how many beautiful, small sailing areas we have here in our own country. Go to Giethoorn or De Kaag, you will be surprised at what there is to see and experience.”

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