Hello mr. Samsung: Willem Visser

At MASTERS EXPO, Samsung Electronics is presenting its revolutionary Foldable smartphones. High time to talk to Samsung's Vice President Mobile Division Benelux: Willem Visser. He joined the tech giant in 2007 and has been responsible for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Note PC and all possible accessories since 2018. MASTERS sat down with Samsung Netherlands' top executive to discuss the striking, innovative comeback of the foldable phone.

You have now been with Samsung for 15 years. How do you explain this long-term commitment to the company?

"The dynamics of the company is what makes it attractive to me, and also the enormous responsibility I have within Samsung Benelux, where the company is very successful. That gives a lot of energy and satisfaction, and makes it interesting for me to stay so long within the company."

What developments contribute to success?

"When it comes to the products, I think the innovation around the foldable introduction is impressive to see. We need to continue to monitor our Brand and Channel strategy closely and make the right decisions appropriate to the times. The people who work in this company make a difference, which is a key driver for me to work on this."

What is your current market position?

"We are doing well. In addition to the Galaxy Fold4 and the Flip4, this year we also introduced the Galaxy S22: a nice comfortable, capable and powerful Android phone. Every time we are able to increase market share. Almost half of the Dutch walk with or buy a Samsung device today. In the coming years, we have the goal of only further increasing the number of Samsung users."

How do you win consumer trust?

"You have to keep developing your brand. Of course, we use the assets we receive from South Korea, such as TV commercials we get as soon as we launch a new product. I think it's important to surprise consumers; we also do that through influencers. We have created an online environment that has become increasingly important, and we have established our own Samsung stores nationwide. In addition, partnerships are crucial. It comes down to making the right choices in terms of media strategy and channel development."

Foldables are the future. What is Samsung's role in terms of technology?

"We are now in the fourth generation of foldables that we have deployed. Samsung is a company of innovation. We innovate based on consumer needs. For example, we learned from the previous foldable generations in what consumers wanted in terms of improvements. I think we have succeeded well in that. The foldable is now even water resistant, which was not easy because of the hinge. The foldable is now not even penetrated by the selfie camera, which is hidden behind pixels."

What are the flagships right now, and what do they promise?

"That is the S22 series, with Fold4 and Flip4 in the premium segment. This new generation of foldable devices offers an unparalleled mobile experience that meets the needs of our most demanding user. The Galaxy Fold4 features a shape-shifting design, impressive screens, PC-like multitasking capabilities, and advanced camera technology. The Galaxy Flip4 builds on our user's favorite features. For example, the smartphone is the ultimate tool for self-expression. It has an ultra-compact design and an improved camera. Flip4 is made to be truly hands-free, so you can do more without opening your phone. You can do it all from the cover screen."

You've held countless smartphones in your hand. Which is your favorite?

"Right now the Fold4. I am wedded to the screen. I mainly use my phone for practical things. Meetings via Microsoft Teams, taking notes and consuming PowerPoint slides."

What is your target audience?

"The business customer, the gamer, the video viewer, the reader, the student. There is a foldable product for everyone. Like, for example, the colorful Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, foldable like its big brother, only not like a book like the Fold, but like the folding phone of old. You can stand out with it. The Flip is stylish and iconic. We are making the foldable phone mainstream. When it comes to media strategy, we are targeting Gen Z."

The entire interview with Willem Visser can be read in the winter issue of MASTERS Magazine, which will be launched at the Exclusive Preview Day (December 8) at MASTERS EXPO. This extra-thick issue includes a big special on Samsung Electronics, where, among other things, the latest Foldables are extensively tested and all the special innovations are scrutinized. Want to be present during the launch? Order your tickets here.