Amsterdam is full of them: expats. Every major company employs at least a few of them and it's hard to imagine the streets of Amsterdam without this group. Not surprisingly, therefore, the capital is second on the list of the most desirable places in the world for expats to work.

Text: Patrick Stoffer


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network published a study this week, which shows that Amsterdam scores silver in the ranking of the most desirable places for expats to work. In doing so, Amsterdam is trailing London, which surprisingly still holds the crown after the Brexit. In this ranking, Amsterdam leaves behind major cities such as New York, Paris and Singapore.

Amsterdam, the metropolis of the low countries, would be attractive because of its dynamic startup scene and image as an innovation hub. The survey involved 200,000 highly educated people, 15 percent of whom said they prefer Amsterdam as their preferred place to work. In this respect, Amsterdam achieves a three percentage point increase compared to the 2018 survey.

The sun-drenched desert city of Dubai follows Amsterdam as third, behind which Berlin joins with a drop of 13 percent. London remains at the top with 18 percent, due to its global name and fame. The attraction within the British Commonwealth also plays a key role. New York and Barcelona are according to the research the striking fallers.

As a country, Canada topped the list, ousting the United States from the throne. The decline in popularity is mainly due to the handling of the corona epidemic and the political and social unrest the country has faced.

Still, potential expats are a bit more reluctant to actually move abroad. Major cause: the corona crisis and the nationalistic immigration policy. The majority indicates that they prefer to work virtually for an employer so as not to have to leave family and friends behind. Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean are the most obvious candidates. The Netherlands is with 43 percent below the global average, but Amsterdam ensures a high popularity as a city.


Image: Amsterdam Zuidas

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