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5x special items from celebrities that have ever been auctioned

We previously wrote about the record amount for the auctioned shirt of a football player Diego Maradona yielded. However, some people go one step further and pay record amounts for a tooth, tissue or piece of hair from their biggest idol. MASTERS lists the most special celebrity items ever auctioned. Text: Fleur de Jong

1. A tooth

A tooth of John Lennon yielded around €22.600 during an auction in the British city of Stockport. The musician lost the tooth in the XNUMXs during a visit to the dentist. He took the tooth home and then gave it to his housekeeper so that she could give the tooth to her daughter... The special Beatle relic eventually ended up in the hands of Canadian dentist Michael Zuk who wrote the book ''Celebrities and their freaky smiles''. 

2. Underwear

This just proves that fans really go a long way, in 2012 Elvis Presley's underwear that he wore during a show in 1977 was auctioned. And yes, complete with stains. The underwear delivered 6.278 euros. But throughout history, in addition to this remarkable item, more items from the King of Rock have already gone under the hammer. For example, in 2021, Elvis' jumpsuit fetched €852.000 at auction. The costume was designed by Bill Belew and he wore it during his 1972 performances at Madison Square Garden. A racing helmet from the film Viva Las Vegas was also previously sold for €20.000, a tuxedo from the film Frankie & Johnny sold for €60.000 and boots that the rock icon wore during performances went under the hammer for €24.000.

3. Tissue 

Actress Scarlett Johansson was a guest in the American The Tonight Show when host Jay Leno handed her a tissue because she had a cold. Johansson blew her nose, put the tissue in a bag and signed it. The actress had the idea that this could raise some money for charity. In the end, a fan paid about €5000 for the tissue. The money raised went to USA Harvest, a charity that collects leftover food from restaurants, hotels and hospitals and then donates it to people in need.

4. Tress 

A piece of singer John Lennon's hair fetched more than €31.000 at auction. The Beatle's lock of hair was cut off on the set of a film when he was having his haircut done. The hairdresser who was called in was so enthusiastic that he called in the newspaper. Lennon's new hairstyle was discussed extensively in the news reports. The hairdresser was allowed to take the hair home and kept it for no less than fifty years. The final buyer is a British collector and therefore paid a lot for the locomotive. But for €31.000 he could also have the newspaper articles... Other celebrities also appear to have golden locks; in 2016 a piece of hair was taken from Marilyn Monroe auctioned for €40.000, a locomotive Justin Bieber for €41.000 in 2011 and in 1994 a lock of Beethoven went under the hammer for €7.300. 


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5. Shoes

Usually sneakers become less valuable as you wear them. However, this does not apply to the pair that Kanye West wore at the Grammys in 2008. The sneakers were still unknown at that time, because it took another year before Nike officially released the sneakers. Ultimately the couple was sold by Auction House Sotheby's sold for €1,5 million.


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