The DOMUS: silent and emission-free

Designers Van Geest and Rob Doyle introduce the design of the DOMUS Trimaran; an impressive yacht with an unlimited range, without noise and without emissions. Literally fly over the ocean with this...Text: Fleur de Jong
Image: Van Geest Design

Clever design

The name DOMUS is derived from the single-storey houses found mainly in ancient Rome and Pompeii. A domus was a city home for the wealthier class in Roman antiquity and has its own character. It is characterized by a large central space, around which other rooms were located; the atrium. 

Just like its namesake, the ship is also centered around a striking atrium that connects the individual spaces. The interior is spread over two decks and offers six spacious guest cabins, with no fewer than two owners suites. With the smart and efficient design, the interior space is doubled compared to 40 meter catamarans. The ship also has a cinema, gym, salon, bar, spa and a swimming pool, if you have had enough of the sea… 

Why not

Despite the fact that the name comes from classical antiquity, the technology is state-of-the-art. A uniquely designed combination of solar energy, hydro regeneration and hydrogen fuel cells ensures that the DOMUS has an unlimited range without emissions. A system with solar energy and battery storage also ensures that the yacht can sail during the day and switch to the battery system at night. This also means that if you are anchored in an idyllic spot you will not hear any generator noise or smell any exhaust fumes. OTo reduce drag and improve speed, the yacht can heel at an angle of two degrees.

The approach to the design for DOMUS had the credo 'Why not?' The designers explain that just because superyachts are what they are now, it doesn't mean they have to stay that way. Impossible or too complicated is not in the dictionary of Doyle and Van Geest, they constantly looked at every aspect of the design and saw whether it could be improved. This is definitely visible…