5x special items from celebrities that have ever been auctioned

We previously wrote about the record amount that the auctioned shirt of footballer Diego Maradona fetched. However, some people go one step further and pay record amounts for a tooth, tissue or piece of hair from their biggest idol. MASTERS lists the most special celebrity items ever auctioned. Text: Fleur […]

The DOMUS: silent and emission-free

Designers Van Geest and Rob Doyle introduce the design of the DOMUS Trimaran; an impressive yacht with an unlimited range, without noise and without emissions. Literally fly over the ocean with this... Text: Fleur de Jong Image: Van Geest Design Smart design The name DOMUS is derived from the one-storey houses that are mainly in the […]

The new Dyson Airwrap multistyler: for various hairstyles and various hair types

Dyson releases the best performing and most efficient Airwrap yet: the Dyson AirwrapTM multistyler. Dyson engineers challenged their own design and created a fully customizable styling tool for different hairstyles and different hair types, without extreme heat. Something that you actually thought couldn't get better became better. Text: Fleur de […]

Check in with Ivo Weyel

He enjoys two things most: traveling and being pampered. Ivo knows better than anyone where to book a room or suite.Text: Ivo Weyel Online editorial: Fleur de Jong IN MANDELA'S BED It has been happening for some time now that hotels and B&Bs are no longer enough to just […]