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These are the most precious places

In February, prices of consumer products were eight percent higher compared to last year. For us as 'frugal Dutch people' this is of course a bitter pill. But it could always be worse; MASTERS lists a number of countries where the cost of living is slightly higher. The list was published by Numbeo. […]

In conversation with Demy de Zeeuw

Demy de Zeeuw

First he reached the top as a football player, now as an entrepreneur. In 2013, Demy de Zeeuw (Apeldoorn, 1983) founded BALR. on. What started with selling T-shirts online has turned into a globally available brand. And with 433 he owns a football production house that provides all platforms with content. “We are so big […]

These successful women graced the MASTERS cover

Next Wednesday is International Women's Day. A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. From top dancer to top entrepreneur: as a tribute, MASTERS lists a number of women who graced the cover of MASTERS Magazine. Imre van Opstal | MASTERS #43 As children they collected autographs from […]

Auction gem: highest yield from female artist

Because March 8 is International Women's Day, MASTERS shines a light on the highest auctioned work made by a female artist especially for the occasion. The highest grossing auctioned work by a female artist to date is Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 of the American Georgia […]

Atilay Uslu: “The future is ours”

The success story of Atilay Uslu is special and inspiring: from shawarma shop to a major player in the travel industry. With its own airline, leading tour operator Corendon currently flies to 23 different destinations, from airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Corendon also owns hotels and resorts. MASTERS spoke to the CEO about his entrepreneurial journey. She once did […]

MASTERS EXPO 2023 is preparing for a magical five-day event

MASTERS EXPO, covering an area of ​​over 40.000 m2, is the Capital of Great Business for five days, where special (family) companies from almost twenty different industries come together - from mobility to real estate and from design to tech. During this major networking event, unique concepts are presented, such as pop-up Restaurant M*, where a record number of star chefs and therefore […]

Gregory Crewdson's smallest details…

In the suburbs In Eveningside (2021-2022) Crewdson explores moments of reflection within the constraints of everyday life; at workplaces and at times just outside those work structures. The characters in the photographs are sparse and often seen through shop windows, in mirror reflections or positioned in the midst of their daily routine at a railway bridge, doorway, veranda, […]