5x restaurants with a focus on sustainability

Today, sustainability is an increasingly important topic in everyday life. This development is also evident in restaurants, which are nowadays awarded a Green Star by the MICHELIN guide. Sustainability is a high priority at these 5 restaurants.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: MICHELIN GuideTo put sustainability on the map, the MICHELIN guide has created the Green Star. Chefs who earn this star have close collaborations with farmers, fisherman and growers. For example, they also pick wild game in the forests, have their own animals and grow their own fruits and vegetables. A total of 373 restaurants, worldwide, may put a Green Star behind their name. Among others, these five can be found in the Netherlands and are definitely worth a visit.

The Greenhouse, Amsterdam

This restaurant in Amsterdam recently received its first MICHELIN star and also holds Green Star. At the greenhouse, where the interior was provided by Piet Boon, the focus is on local and sustainable. Some 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits are grown next to the restaurant and in their larger field in the Beemster Polder. What is harvested in the morning is presented in beautiful creations later in the day.

Héron, Utrecht

At Héron, they are close to the suppliers; the farmer, the gardener and the fisherman. The season and Dutch soil determine what dishes are made. The chef's creativity puts local products at the center and surprises.

The Seminar, Zenderen

From soil to mouth, that is the slogan of this restaurant. Vegetables come from the kitchen garden and the meat comes from animals grazing on their own land. So here you enjoy pure nature, edited with a healthy dose of creativity.

Triptyque, Wateringen

Local products form the basis of the cuisine, complemented by fresh flavors from abroad. Under the smoke of The Hague, Chef Kunz surprises his guests with a creativity all his own. He has a love for vegetables and works them with feeling.

Local, Doetinchem

Local in Doetinchem refers to the fresh supply of produce. Be it meat, fish or vegetables; the chef only uses products from the region to create his modern dishes.