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Dolly Dot Patty Zomer's facial treatment

We are all getting older, including Dolly Dot Patty Zomer. The 62-year-old has left the Dolly Dotts behind for some time and now lives as a lifestyle coach and stylist. She recently stood on the sidewalk at the Aēstec cosmetic clinic on the Amsterdam Zuidas for a facial treatment and talks about this treatment, her insecurities and shares her view on the aging process.

Have you ever had insecurities?

''I wasn't really insecure about my appearance, except that the whole aging process isn't always easy. I'm pretty good at acceptance. However, after 2 years of touring with the Dolly Dots and losing 8 kilos, the aging process suddenly started very quickly. When I looked in the mirror, I sometimes didn't recognize myself at all."

How do you view growing older?

''Becoming a parent is a gift and we should see it that way. We should be grateful that we can reach a certain age. Of course it doesn't make the appearance any better, 'just when you start to feel comfortable in your own skin, it starts to sag', but deal with it. Every day is a new day, a new beginning. Take care of yourself and be an example for a younger generation. And love yourself️.”

What treatment have you undergone to prevent skin sagging?

''I've had a lot of facial treatments throughout my life, mainly because I always wore a lot of make-up because of my work. Especially in the '80s I wore layers of pancake. However, I had never used fillers or botox before. Until I came to Aēstec, I opted for the Aēslift liquid facelift.”

How did your treatment experience?

''The treatment was doable. Of course, some places on your face are more painful than others, but yes, everything for a beautiful end result! By the way, I was black and blue for a week, so it is something to plan well. I also found it exciting, because you have no idea what it will look like.”

And why was Aēstec chosen?

''Aēstec came my way, and this collaboration works very well. They understand that I definitely don't want to become another person, but just myself, but a little tighter and fresher. So I can definitely recommend it for anyone who doesn't see anything in a total metamorphosis."

Aēstec, Patty Zomer underwent the Aēslift™ liquid facelift with you. What is that exactly?

''The Aēslift™ liquid facelift is a treatment for rejuvenating and refreshing the face in a natural-looking way with hyaluronic acid fillers. The treatment is a unique and scientifically based treatment and therefore provides a safe and predictable result in both the short and long term.

The latest techniques and materials are used to help you achieve a younger and fresher appearance. Because the doctor places a small amount of fillers in the right places on the face, a lifting effect is created, which ensures a refreshing and natural-looking result."

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