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To enjoy: this is the top 10 of the Lekker top 500

The restaurant guide Lekker published its Lekker Top 500 last week. Independent, specialized in haute cuisine and ambiance. These words include the restaurants listed in the Lekker500 restaurant guide. But which chefs made it into the top 10? Text: Noa Verseveldt
Image: Goed Folk @ Restaurant M* and Rahi Rezvani

De Librije, Zwolle

The restaurant is once again number 1 The Librije. The atmosphere in the restaurant is cheerful and relaxed and with the semi-open kitchen you have a view of the semi-open kitchen where SVH Master Chef Jonnie Boer is working with his chef Nelson Tanate and the team. The Zwolle superchef has been scoring with his De Librije for over thirty years. One of the dishes at De Librije is a crispy potato sleeve, filled with Imperial Heritage caviar, crème fraîche, chopped chives and marigold, a velvety soft egg yolk, surrounded by a pear with a wreath of pumpkin seeds.Jonnie & Thérèse Boer (De Librije)

Tribeca, Heeze

An innovative rapid riser landed in second place: Tribeca under the direction of Jan and Claudia Sobecki. Claudia is the hostess and Jan Sobecki is the chef of Tribeca. The restaurant's sommeliers serve refined wines and share their knowledge and advice. One of Tribeca's dishes is a Brabant farm duck whose gravy is made with fermented banana, vadouvan, mustard seeds, peas and corn. And as a side dish you get a stew with the same ingredients.

Inter Scaldes, Kruiningen

Inter Scaldes is in South Beveland, Zeeland, at the absolute top of Dutch gastronomy. Inter Scaldes has an attractive dining room with round tables covered with white linen and leather chairs. The dining area is decorated with lots of minimalist art. Jannis and Claudia, the owners, own a large collection of Zero Art. SVH Master Chef Jannis Brevet makes a Zeeland lobster that is served to the guests with a gravy of string beans plus cream of and roasted cauliflower slices.

Brut 172, Reijmerstok

The completely renovated farm is located in the Limburg village of Reijmerstok Brut 172 established. The number 172 refers to the meters that the restaurant is above sea level. The restaurant has a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. You don't feel like you are in a Michelin restaurant, but when you taste and see the food you immediately feel like you are in a Michelin restaurant. The products of the dishes are predominantly local. For example, there is a dish of sweet, roasted and caramelized onion with juicy lobster as tarte tatin.

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Pure C, Cadzand

Pure C. is located in the beach hotel Cadzand, on the first floor of the hotel. Because wooden materials and art objects from the beach and sea have been used, you really get the feeling that you are outside. This is also due to the beautiful panoramic view where you look out over the dunes leading to the beach and sea. Chef Syrco Bakker clearly gets a lot of inspiration from the sea with his cuisine. For example, he serves an appetizer palette called 'North Sea Plateau' with oysters with marigold petals and mustard seeds, haddock tartare with finger lime in a nori cup, whelk cooked in chamomile tea with aioli and herring on spelled bread and beetroot.

De Lindehof, Nuenen

The chief of The Lindehof is Soenil Bahadoer. His way of cooking is based on classic French cuisine and the recipes of his Surinamese-Hindu mother. An example of fusion cuisine is the roti roll with potato and fried mackerel with fermented enoki and tamarind. For dessert you can order a spice churros with piccalilly and crispy okra and a bloody mary bonbon with celery espuma.Soenil Bahadoer (De Lindehof)

212, Amsterdam

212, then we arrive at the sixth restaurant. You will be welcomed by the hostess of the restaurant and the restaurant is a tableless concept. You can eat delicious dishes at the wooden bar around the open kitchen. This gives you a view of how chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot are cooking. An example of what the chefs prepare is a starter of candied langoustines in duck fat. The sauce with the dish is made from duck liver, dashi, arabica bean and katsuobushi (tuna shavings). There is also a sommelier in the restaurant who has a lot of knowledge and knows the perfect wines to pair with the food.

Spectrum, Amsterdam

Spectrum is on the ground floor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam. The restaurant's dining room is decorated with modern art and fine linen-covered tables. While you are eating, you have a view of the beautiful courtyard of Waldorf Astoria. SVH master chef Sidney Schutte's cooking style is Dutch cuisine with Asian accents and lots of fish and seafood. A dish served at Spectrum is a pigeon with macadamia, juniper, purslane and apricot.

Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam

The Michelin restaurant Blue sky is led by Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman. Ciel Bleu is on the 23rd floor of the Hotel Okura Amsterdam and the restaurant serves well thought-out dishes. Such as the king crab with baeri caviar and beurre blanc ice cream in a squid-colored celeriac cannelloni. Unfortunately, the restaurant is closed from January to mid-March for a major renovation.Onno Kokmeijer, Arjan Speelman (Ciel Bleu) & Fred Mustert (Fred)

Fred, Rotterdam

The restaurant Fred which is also named after him is run under the leadership of Fred Mustert together with his chef Nicolas Belot. The signature dish of the Fred restaurant is the langoustines, which are briefly grilled with a bite using curry, melon, cucumber and coconut foam. It is an attractive and beautiful restaurant.

Restaurant M*

The star chefs from the Lekker top 10 also cooked at MASTER EXPO's star restaurant M* last month. Restaurant M* has now grown into the most talked-about gastronomic concept in the Netherlands, hosted by culinary entrepreneur Carsten Klint. It is the only place where all the great star chefs of the Netherlands celebrate the joy of their profession together. The atmosphere, the quality, the creativity, it is precisely these facets that have made Restaurant M* so special. These 26 star chefs cooked the stars of heaven and are good for no fewer than 42 Michelin stars. The chefs are: Nelson Tanate*** (De Librije), Erik van Loo** (Parkheuvel), Soenil Bahadoer** (De Lindehof), Fred Mustert** (Fred), Edwin Vinke** (De Kromme Watergang), Martin Kruithof** (De Lindenhof), Stefan van Sprang** (Aan de Poel), Dick Middelweerd** (De Treeswijkhoeve), Dennis Huwaë* (Daalder), Egon van Hoof* (MOS), Roy Eijkelkamp** (De Bokkedoorns), Richard van Oostenbrugge & Thomas Groot** (212).