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King's Day 2023: royal enjoyment in these cities

The Netherlands turns orange again today for King's Day. Catch a glimpse of the Royal family, visit a festival or stroll through the city: these cities, among others, invite you to celebrate the King's birthday in a royal way.


In Amsterdam the festivities start on King's Night with various parties indoors and outdoors. After warming up in the evening and night, the party really starts on King's Day. Various festivals such as Loveland van Oranje, Oranjebloesem, Cartel Kingsday and Kingsland Festival are organized at the RAI, so you can get a ticket for this last minute. Not into the festivals? Then you can stroll through the various flea markets in the city to pick up a nice item or walk along the canals, through the Jordaan, visit the Amstelveld and enjoy various musical performances and of course the fun.


The Royal family will settle in Rotterdam this year for the annual walking tour. This year is the tenth year that the king has been on the throne and symbolically enough the family is visiting the city of 010. In the port city you can try to catch a glimpse of the family or visit these hotspots. Various festivals such as Kingsland Festival also take place here.


The Cathedral City also turns orange and celebrates this with festivals such as BEAT-RIX Kingsday and King Amazone Mariaplaats. Want to go wild with Dutch sing-alongs? Café Ouwe Dikke Dries lets you hear the Dutch lyrics and has enough snacks and drinks for a festive day. If you don't want to stand in a fixed spot, you can stroll through the city and join the various music stages spread throughout the city, such as Koning Puur Domplein, Maximalia Janskerkhof and NEUDE GOES 80's – 90's – 00's.


In the far north it is also bustling all day long with many parties and free markets, as is tradition on the canals and the Noorderplantsoen. In Groningen you can dance at the fish market, score an orange tompouce at Café Willem Albert, sing along at the Helden van Oranje sing-along party and dance your feet out from under you at the Kingsland Festival.


Those who descend to the South can enjoy themselves at 538 King's Day, the famous festival on Het Chasséveld where Davina Michelle, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack and Di-Rect will provide performances. In addition to this largest festival with star performances, you can also enjoy a drink on the terrace and treasure hunters can look for gems at the flea markets.

The Netherlands, happy King's Day!