Hendricks Yachting takes a different tack

A romantic trip along the coast of Ibiza, watching the sunset from the water in Cannes or a relaxing family holiday on the waters of Dubai. Planning your summer holiday can already start at Hendricks Yachting. But in addition to its extensive service in the field of yacht rental, the company is coming up with something new from this summer and is taking a different tack, so to speak...
Hendricks Yachting

Hendricks Yachting provides services in Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca, Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez, Croatia, Mykonos and Dubai, among others. By sharing passion, knowledge and personal contacts, they look for the perfect match for a flawless charter experience. However, from this summer, customers at the Hendricks Yacht Club will also be able to find an independent and specialized broker for the purchase of a yacht or boat.

The Hendricks Yacht Club is active in several places in Europe. For example, the company has offers directly from the owner of several pre-owned boats, as well as from luxury yacht yards. Specializing in day boats from 10 to 25 meters , brands such as Waterdream, Vanquish, Pardo and Steeler are part of the portfolio.

Guidance from A to Z

However, buying a boat is not that easy. With the specialty of Hendricks Yachting, customers are guided from A to Z in the entire process. Prior to the purchase or sale, we first sit down with the buyer or seller to go through everything down to the last detail. According to Hendricks Yachting, summer is precisely to be able to enjoy a purchase, so Hendricks Yachting likes to keep an eye on things to make sure...

Owner Peter Hendricks explains: "At Hendricks Yachting, we noticed that there is a huge need to supervise a purchase from A to Z. With the Hendricks Yacht Club, we guide customers through the entire process and focus to a large extent on international buying and selling. There is insufficient and outdated knowledge in this area among the brokers and that is where Hendricks Yacht Club comes in handy. Of course, the process largely consists of choosing a yacht, but we also provide guidance in the field of VAT, import and export, crew, permits, berths and the technical side. Internationally, many different rules apply that are unknown to many. Nowadays I still see too many real estate agents who only sell the perfect picture, 'a yacht'. After that, the customer is often on their own. Guidance from A to Z is key!"

Curious about what's on offer? Check out the website here.