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Movies worth the wait

In the coming days, big names from the film industry will once again gather on the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival. Because which film will win the prestigious Palme d'Or this year? Although we still have to be patient until the films are available to the general public, MASTERS highlights a few that will definitely be worth the wait.
Official poster - 76th edition © Photo de Jack Garofalo/Paris Match/Scoop – Création graphique © Hartland Villa

asteroid city 

Wes Anderson's films are a true feast for the eyes; the Houston-born director is known for his enormous attention to stylization and design. If we can believe the first images, this also applies to his latest film asteroid city. The film is set in the 50s in the middle of a desert town. The so-called Junior Stargazer convention takes place here. Students and parents come from all over the country. However, the knowledge and life experiences of the students and their parents appear to overlap in an unexpected way at the special event. Wes Anderson's work will premiere in the Netherlands on June 22. 

Occupied City

Also a Dutch touch to the Film Festival; the 4.5-hour documentary was produced by the Amsterdam company Family Affair Films. The film by director Steve McQueen is based on the book that was released in 2019; Atlas Of An Occupied City. A story about the visible and invisible traces of the Second World War in Amsterdam. The documentary is not in competition, but is a so-called special screening. 

The Zone of Interest 

British director Jonathan Glazer is somewhat of a newcomer to Cannes. You may know him from his critically acclaimed crime film Sexy beast and the science fiction film Under The Skin. Now, ten years later, Glazer's fourth feature film is released. In 2021 The Zone of Interest shot in Auschwitz and reportedly promises to be one of the most intense films of the year. The film is about Nazi leader Rudolf Hess and his family. At the same time you see how a Polish family helped prisoners in the camp. 

Image from The Zone of Interest| Source: Festival de Cannes

Killers of the Flower Moon

Based on David Grann's acclaimed bestseller, the film tells the story of a series of murders of members of the oil-rich Osage Nation. A true story that took place in the early 1920s after large oil deposits were discovered on the members' land. The case was handed over to a brand new law enforcement agency, known today as the FBI. This new agency had to fight corruption to solve the crime. Greats such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are both part of the cast. 

The Old Oak

Cannes is now familiar territory for British director Ken Loach. His film The Old Oak tells the story of pub owner Bannatyne who struggles to keep his pub open in the previously thriving County Durham. His pub is the only remaining public space where people in the city can still meet. Meanwhile, tensions run high as Syrian refugees are housed in the town. 

Image from The Old Oak | Source: Festival de Cannes