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Behind Tomorrow's Wheel

“Great things take time.” That also applies to these cars. But patience promises to be richly rewarded. From the Aston Martin Valhalla to the Mustang S650; MASTERS takes a look at the four-wheeler transport of tomorrow.

Little brother, big boy

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is probably the most uncompromising hypercar ever built. Partly because of the price tag of around 3 million ex taxes, Aston Martin decided to also build a slightly more modest supercar. That became the Aston Martin Valhalla, and it was not very modest. The price is a lot lower. But yes, even if you pay almost 80 percent less, there is still a receipt for 675.000 euros, before taxes. You get a lot of nice things for that. Because in contrast to the uncompromising aerodynamics of the Valkyrie, the Valhalla has very clean lines. The 'simple' design makes the Valhalla one of the most beautiful Astons ever. And the numbers? Not exactly modest: 963 hybrid horsepower, 350 km/h and 0-100 in 2,5 seconds. You can already order, delivery will start in 2024.

Sports car with McLaren roots

Steven Nichols is a McLaren man. He was chief designer of the McLaren MP4/4, with which Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost won fifteen of the sixteen Grands Prix in 1988 - an unprecedented winning percentage of 1 percent in F93,8. That makes even Max silent... And now Nichols has started his own sports car brand. He also shows his McLaren heart here, because his first car is the Nichols N1A. Connoisseurs know that the first racing car of Bruce McLaren Motor Racing, founded in 1963, was also called 'N1A'. The Nichols N1A is a tribute to this beautiful classic model. It is both a modern version, including a carbon fiber body optimized in the wind tunnel, and an old school racer. Steven Nichols stays far away from the digital saturation he sees in modern sports cars. So a big 6,2 liter V8, with well over 600 hp if desired, powers the 900 kg sports car. The price is not known yet.

Not a real sports car, but very sporty

The Ford Mustang is now in its seventh generation. The Mustang has been declared the best-selling sports car in the world for years in a row, mainly in American lists. Yet, strictly speaking, it is not a sports car: the Mustang is just a bit too big and heavy for that. It is a muscle/pony car, but it is sporty. Ford also does a lot to maintain this sporty image. For example, the new Mustang S650, as the Generation 7 is formally called, is used in racing series all over the world. So the Mustangs will participate in NASCAR in North America, in the Supercars in Australia and the GT3 version will compete in the World Endurance Championship in 2024 and therefore also the 24 hour race of Le Mans. So enjoy being sporty.


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