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5x impressive airports

From November this year, the ministry wanted to reduce the number of flights at Schiphol from 500.000 to 460.000. However, last week the judge put an end to the plan. If flights are canceled in the future, fortunately there are plenty of other alternative options. MASTERS lists a few impressive Airports.

Changi Airport | Singapore 

Due to the extreme growth in passengers, construction of Changi started in 1975. The airport has now actually grown into a destination in itself. Changi has been named the World's Best Airport numerous times. Like Singapore itself, known worldwide as a 'city in a garden', Changi Airport is also home to green spaces and green gardens. The airport has a butterfly garden - with more than a thousand butterflies -, an IMAX cinema and more than 280 shops and eateries. But the real eye-catcher is the 40-meter high waterfall. And to start your trip to Singapore off right, there is even the option of a real airport tour of more than two hours. Something different than running straight to the taxi stand after picking up your suitcases. 


Heydar Aliyev International Airport | Azerbaijan

Heydar Aliyev is one of seven international airports in Azerbaijan. In 2004, the airport underwent a name change and was named after the country's former president Heydar Aliyev. Istanbul-based Autobahn Studio created an impressive design for one of the terminals. Striking are the custom-made wooden cocoons that give travelers the opportunity to meet each other or to retreat. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport | India 

Originally a military airfield used by the Royal Indian Air Force during World War II. In the 50s, after India's independence, it was converted into a public airport for civil aviation. In 2006, the internationally acclaimed firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill was commissioned to redesign the airport at the same location. Construction was completed in 2014 and the result is certainly impressive…

Carrasco International Airport | Uruguay

Carrasco is the largest airport in the country and is located in the district of the same name, from which it takes its name. With a roof the size of almost four football fields, the newest terminal had to provide extra space. In any case, this has been successful: the airport can accommodate 4,5 million passengers annually. The airport's undulating design and flowing lines are reminiscent of the Uruguayan landscape, making it a fitting entry point into the country. 

Dubai International Airport | United Arab Emirates 

Big, bigger, biggest: as a city with the tallest buildings, largest aquariums and most extravagant hotels, you must of course welcome travelers in style. Thanks to the enormous growth of tourism in the region, Dubai International Airport has been one of the largest airports in the world for several years. If you have to wait a long time for your flight, that is certainly not a punishment here. The airport has a number of options Duty Free shops and a so-called Zen Garden in Terminal 3. Read a book or catch up on some work while listening to the sound of flowing water.