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Italian car manufacturer launches real estate project

Lamborghini previously launched a real estate project in Dubai. The Italian car manufacturer decides to do it again and now presents its first project in Europe. The Tierra Viva complex is being built among the lush hills of Andalusia. For when you really can't get enough of cars… Just a 10-minute drive away – without Lamborghini […]

5x blockbusters from outdoor cinemas

What could be better on a hot day than relaxing under the stars with a cold drink in hand, enjoying a good movie? A number of blockbusters from outdoor cinemas in the Netherlands at a glance. Cinema Amstelveen on Tour | Amstelveen For four weekends, Cinema Amstelveen On Tour will be located at four different […]

Meet the adventurous TUDOR Ranger

We know the TUDOR Ranger for its unmistakable adventurous spirit. On the occasion of the watch's one-year anniversary, GASSAN would like to explain the history that preceded its final development. A history that includes daring scientific expeditions. Presented to mark the seventieth anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition, the Ranger has a […]

Richard Caring: the King of Exclusivity

The latest addition to hospitality tycoon Richard Caring's portfolio is a true temple of excess. Museums and galleries will be jealous of the ancient decorations: a marble Venus from the beginning of the era, a Greek oil jar from the fourth century and, of course, the club's namesake: Apollo's […]

Fashionable cruise on the Seine

Last week the French capital was all about craft and couture. During the Paris Haute Couture Week, the most prestigious fashion houses presented their latest collections here. A reason for the Christian Dior brand to temporarily move from the mainland to the water with a real Spa Cruise. The French fashion house Dior […]