Rico Verhoeven launches his own line

At MASTERS EXPO, kickboxing icon and entrepreneur Rico Verhoeven launches his first supplement line at fitness brand High End Nutrition, with which Verhoeven has been joining forces for some time. The stand is probably where the most muscle can be found. The line contains unique products that help you stay healthy despite a busy lifestyle, just like Rico himself.
High End Nutrition

With offices in Amsterdam, Dubai and Miami, High End Nutrition is an international player in the premium sports and health market of supplements. The company was founded by Tibor Koppers, a professional bodybuilder with over 15 years of experience in the fitness, nutrition, and supplement industry. In addition to flexing their muscles, High End Nutrition and Rico Verhoeven joined forces with the new Ricoded line. Unique products that are completely in line with Rico's lifestyle and the people who follow him. The first two products in the line are the so-called Fit and Focus boost capsules and the Fit Meal meal shake. 

No excuse 

Nowadays we ask a lot of ourselves, it may sound familiar to you: we want to exercise, we are on the road a lot, we want to be successful and we also want to spend time with our family, friends and possibly children.  

However, with the Fit Meal meal shake, you no longer have an excuse to eat unhealthily due to a busy lifestyle. Rico's meal shake is a vegan all-in-one meal replacement shake that contains everything a healthy meal needs. Among other things, it contains all the vitamins and minerals you need every day, a super fruit, a veggie complex – which equals 100 grams of vegetables – 25 grams of protein for muscle building, complex carbohydrates from oatmeal for energy and Omega 3 fats from Flaxseed oil. In addition, the meal shake contains several ingredients, such as L-carnitine, which help stimulate your fat burning and lower your appetite. And good news: this full 'meal' contains only 231 kcal... 

Fit and Focus boost 

With that busy lifestyle, a little extra focus isn't a bad thing either. The Fit and Focus capsules therefore help you in a natural way to get more mental and physical energy, give more focus and concentration. This way you are more effective and efficient at work, while studying or during your sport.  


At MASTERS EXPO, Rico and High End Nutrition will be ready to tell you all about the new line and products. The kickboxing champion will also be present as a speaker during the inspiration show MASTERS TALKS at MASTERS EXPO on Thursday 8 December. Among other things, a nerve-wracking staredown will take place here... Buy your tickets here.