Virtual furniture, does it really exist? Argentine designer Andrés Reisinger sold his digital life works through an online auction for half a million dollars. His creations are mind blowing.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Andrés Reisinger

Virtual 3D spaces

Reisinger has spent his entire life designing the virtual furniture. Recently he made ten digital copies and within ten minutes his collection was sold out. What did it yield? Over half a million euros! The online marketplace Nifty Gateway saw a rush when the designer put his items online. The furniture, which ranges from a spherical soft pink table to a tubular armchair, can be placed in virtual 3D spaces or in games like Minecraft. Each piece can also be used in virtual and augmented reality apps.

Impossible objects

Reisinger calls his creations 'impossible objects', but some of his 'furniture' is also copied in real life. According to him, the demand was so great that he also wants to make real items. This is not the first time the designer 's virtual designs have appeared on the market. In 2018, he set the internet on fire with his version of The Hydrangea: a plush pink chair encased in 20,000 fabric petals. The object was so popular that he decided to create a physical version, which was eventually exhibited at the Montoya gallery in Barcelona.

Luxury fashion houses

Reisinger's digital furniture is also breaking through more and more at luxury fashion houses. Gucci, Valentino and Marc Jabos have even started making virtual garments so that gamers can dress their 'dolls' in expensive branded clothing.

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