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Buy Ferrari? These are the rules

Superstars Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber were recently blacklisted by Ferrari and will never be allowed to buy a car from the Italian car manufacturer again. Rode? Failure to respect the rules of the car brand. Because yes, there really are rules if you want to add a Ferrari to your fleet or if you own one. To maintain the exclusive image, 15 strict rules have been drawn up that you as an owner must adhere to or if you want to buy one. Here they are.

Ferrari is known for its strict rules for owners, which help maintain the brand's exclusive image. But buying one isn't easy either. Kardashian and Bieber, among others, flouted these rules. For example, Justin Bieber changed the look of his Ferrari by wrapping his car from white to blue and changing the wheels and logo on the steering wheel. Kim Kardashian was slightly less to blame for her place on the blacklist. In 2011, she received her Ferrari as a wedding gift from a Malaysian businessman who was later discredited for tax fraud. The car was part of the investigation and, according to Ferrari, this was 'damaging to its image'. A case of bad luck.

One-way blacklist ticket

But there are more stars who have a one-way blacklist. Rapper FiftyCent will never be able to buy a Ferrari again. After his 488 was towed away, he wrote: “'I don't want this 488 Ferrari no more, I think I'm a get a smart car''. Rapper Tyga owes his place on the blacklist after he no longer paid his lease contract and actor Nicolas Cage to the fact that he sold his Enzo far below market value after he ended up in financial difficulties. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was blacklisted after he sold his car again after a few months. Designer Philip Plein took a photo in his 812 Superfast to promote his shoes. The 'ordinary' photo was also not appreciated by Ferrari and they sent an army of lawyers to prevent damage to its image.

It turns out that you can easily become discredited with the Italian car manufacturer. And in the case of 'prevention is better than cure', these are Ferrari's fifteen rules.

Selective sales process

Ferrari carefully selects its buyers, especially for limited edition models. Loyalty to the brand and purchasing history play a major role in this.

Resale Restrictions

Ferrari imposes resale restrictions to prevent speculation and artificial price increases. For example, you must first go to a Ferrari dealer to sell your car, as they want to influence who will be the next owner.

No illegal races

Ferrari owners should avoid illegal racing activities as they can damage the brand's image. Ferrari must also first give permission for legal races and events.

No sales within the first year

Owners should not sell their new Ferrari within the first year of purchase to avoid 'flipping'. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was therefore blacklisted.

Brand image promotion

Owners are expected to support and promote Ferrari's brand image, which stands for luxury, performance and exclusivity. Owners must behave in a way that portrays the Ferrari brand in a positive light. Even if it is not your fault at all, you can still be put on the blacklist, like Kim Kardashian who will no longer be able to get a Ferrari due to someone else's fault.

Compliance with local laws

Owners must ensure that their Ferrari complies with local vehicle regulations and laws, including emissions and safety standards.

Participation in surveys

Ferrari often seeks feedback from its customers to improve products and services. Participation in these surveys is expected.

Background check

Ferrari conducts thorough background checks on all potential customers to ensure they meet high standards. Potential buyers must be reputable and screened by Ferrari to ensure they are of the brand.

Use of exclusive services

Owners are encouraged to take advantage of Ferrari's exclusive services, such as the Ferrari Classiche certification for classic models.

No adjustments

Owners are not allowed to simply make adjustments to their Ferraris, and then non-original parts are completely out of the question. Justin Bieber apparently missed this rule. You must ask the brand for permission in advance if you want to make adjustments to your car.

Discretion in publicity

Owners are sometimes expected to be discreet about their purchase, especially in the case of very exclusive models. So you can forget about mentioning numbers without permission.

Only maintenance at official dealers

Ferrari owners are obliged to have their cars maintained and repaired (regularly) at official Ferrari dealers to ensure their original condition.

Warranty conditions

To maintain the warranty, owners must strictly adhere to Ferrari maintenance schedules and guidelines.