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LXRY List 2017

the world’s best of the best

How luxurious, to be able to design your life to make it as pleasurable as possible. To experience the most tremendous trips, drink the finest champagnes, and to expand the driveway stash a little more. However, the amount of Michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive hunting lodges and gadgets available is gargantuan, so how do you pick the right ones?

About two years ago, a thought occurred to me: ‘I want to publish the most prestigious and luxurious magazine book in the world, and guide readers through the tremendous craftsmanship, design quality and uniqueness that money can buy.’ Well, this is the result. In this collector’s item, the luxury lifestyle experts of LXRY Media Group – known for the European Masters of LXRY fair in Amsterdam and LXRY Magazine – present the ultimate selection of the best and most renowned luxurious addresses, products and experiences for the rich and famous.

It’s not about the price tag, it’s about quality, uniqueness, craftsmanship. About luxury. Be inspired, be guided, be tantalised. For many of us, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. This LXRY List is a state of mind.

  • 480 Pages
  • 875 Selected Brands & Experiences
  • 20 categories

 45,00 incl. BTW