These are the wines for this summer

In summer there is (almost) nothing like uncorking a nice bottle of wine and just having to enjoy the refined flavors that flow from it. There is plenty of choice at the liquor store, but if it is up to wine expert Henrico van Lammeren of Vinites, these are the wines for this summer. Cheers!Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: VinitesWine importer and family business Vinites has been a household name in the wine world since 1979. General manager Henrico van Lammeren has been in charge here for years and with his refined taste and knowledge of wines has a keen "eye" for good wines. For this summer, the wine connoisseur shares his top three wines that are perfect for uncorking on a summer day or sultry evening.

3. Gavi docg Organic 'Spinola'

Van Lammeren: ''On three: Gavi docg Organic 'Spinola' from Castelli di Tassarolo, from the Piedmont in Italy. Gavi, made from the cortese grape. Not conventional but organic, vegan and without added sulfite. A natural wine. And, I speak from experience, tasty and natural wine do not always go hand in hand. So here they do. Juicy, mild and with a very nice and long finish. For me Gavi 2.0!''

2. Pinot Noir Organic '45 Rugientes'

Van Lammeren: ''On two: Pinot Noir Organic '45 Rugientes' from the Otronia winery from Chubut a sub-region in Patagonia in southern Argentina. Cool red wine is "in." Many more drink these wines. But cold climate wines are hot & happening at the moment. These are wines made in cool(er) areas of the world. Still protected by a (micro)climate that allows the grapes to grow and ripen optimally. From the southernmost vineyards in the world comes this Pinot Noir. Full of fruit and with a hint of cinnamon. So incredibly delicious!''

1. Savagnin Ouillé Arbois aop

Van Lammeren: ''On one: Savagnin Ouillé Arbois aop from Domaine Rolet, from the Jura in France. A very distinctive wine from this region, unfiltered and aged for nine months in wooden barrels. Mouth-filling with beautiful fresh and elegant acids. Exciting. Delicious as an aperitif and especially with light and summer dishes. What a high-profile wine this is. Unique!''