Blissful harmony of architecture, art and nature

Suzanne Swarts likes to go beyond the walls of 'her' Voorlinden in search of the most beautiful places to admire art. In MASTERS the museum director shares the experiences of her travels to the most special art places. This time she visits the serene SAN museum in South Korea.
Thanks to museum SAN

Text: Suzanne Swarts

Touching the sky, embracing the art. That's what museum SAN is all about. Located in a green valley full of oak trees in the mountains of Wonju, South Korea, this serene museum is an absolute tour de force of architecture. In addition, the museum houses wonderful works by James Turrell.

'Please walk along slowly following your own mind.' It is not often that you receive this kind of detailed instructions from a museum prior to a visit. When you drive through the green landscape on the way to SAN, you already feel a wonderful serene tranquility like a warm blanket. That only increases when you park your car in the grass parking lot, switch off the roaring engine and get out in the middle of an elegantly decorated museum park where all trees, shrubs and grasses have been maintained with great care and attention. Surrounded by so much beauty, you immediately feel that everything will be fine with those instructions.

Triangle Court, Ando Tadao; Top view of Space of Light; Wedgework, James Turrell | Photography: Florian Holzherr

Peaceful rest

The SAN, which stands for Space ArtNature, started with a private collection of works by James Turrell. Surrounding it is a museum and museum park built by Tadao Ando, ​​which only gets bigger and more breathtaking over the years. The Japanese architect is known for his minimalist designs that exude tranquility. At SAN, Ando wants to imitate the touch of nature and reflect the light, wind and water. From the parking lot, Alexander Liberman's red arch gestures you to the entrance of the museum. Ando then leads you through a flower garden with no fewer than 800.000 flowers, past a water garden and a forest of white birches, after which you end up in the main building. Temporary exhibitions are organized here and you can... Paper Gallery to admire. As you continue the path through the stone garden, with sculptures by famous artists such as Henry Moore and George Segal, you end up where it all began: the work of James Turrell.

Meditation Hall, Ando Tadao

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