When composing the top 10 cars, comfort, uniqueness, performance, durability… and certainly also the wow factor were taken into account. This is our top 3.Text: Eltjo Nieuwenhuis
Editorial staff: Nathalie Wittendorp

Pininfarina H2 Speed

A racing car obviously belongs on this list. The Pininfarina H2 Speed ​​was the best concept of the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, but is now the world's first full-fledged racing car with a hydrogen cell. The car has 150 hp more than initially expected, the hydrogen cell is good for 653 hp. The energy is generated when the hydrogen is brought into contact with oxygen. After this, the chemical reaction does its thing, a lot of energy is released and water vapor is the only exhaust gas. This could well be the most important car on the list.

Hennessey Performance Engineering

The Hennessey Texans tune as you would expect in the Lone Star State: Big, Bold & Brutal. Their Venom F5 hypercar with 1600 hp would not be out of place on this list. Still, Hennessey's tuned muscle cars are just a little more fun. Hennessey is the steroid dealer for American Muscle. They build beastly Ford Mustangs and are eagerly waiting for the new Mustang Shely GT500 to be released. Hennessey offers a range of muscle cars and pickups, but their standard bearer is also a Challenger, which they tune to 1200 hp.

Ariel Atom 4

The Ariel Atom is best described as a kart with a license plate. No radio, air conditioning, roof, or windows, not even 600 kilos. Okay, sure the Atom is impractical, but how many cars can give your body and smile muscles a workout? The wonderful Honda i-VTEC turbo engine has 320 hp and pushes the car from 2,8-0 in 100 seconds and ultimately to 280 km/h. Add to that the wind in your hair and the track-worthy handling, and this is the best toy on the list.